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Refer customers and save on your next laptop

Its sweet and simple

No need to tell people to let M-Tech know you sent them to us. Just fill our affiliate referral page and you can create links for you web site, Facebook and Twitter page. They will track any purchases made on behalf of your referral to M-Tech laptops. This helps you earn credit towards your next laptop purchase.

For over a decade, M-Tech Laptop customers have been telling their friends and co-workers about our computer products. That is how we stayed in business for 20 years and continued to grow. Good economy, bad economy, M-Tech Laptops is still here. IBM, NEC, Digital and Compaq to name a few have all come and gone in those twenty years.

Articles have been penned, business classes taught arm chair experts have argued over why once popular companies can change the face of business then go and leave no trace behind of their existence. We will leave that argument to those 'experts'. We wont pretend to understand every nuance of the subject but one thing we do know is that if you don't know who your customer is and let them know you appreciate their business, they will move on.

M-Tech Laptops has for the last twenty years been working its way to the top of the technology food chain. In those twenty years, traditional advertising by M-Tech has been almost non-existent. many of you may recall a pledge we made about twelve years ago to not add to our expenses anything that was not needed to make your laptop better. This of course meant that print, web and media advertising had to be nearly ZERO. How does that add to your laptops speed? How does your desktop computer last or run any longer if we spend millions on a advertising campaign. It sure didn't seem to make Dell or HP's laptops or desktops perform any better. Even IBM, a class act in the computer world, no longer sells laptops, even though they ran plenty of ad campaigns. It didn't help them and for sure it didn't help you, the computer buyer.

Meanwhile since 1995 M-Tech has been listening to you rather than talking at you thru advertising. We heard, "we want a better computer" To some that means a faster computer to other it means one that does not have to be replaced every year. To M-Tech it means just one thing. Higher quality last longer and that quality allows the computer to give better performance. So by working on quality as our primary focus we can fill both needs with one objective.

When you tell your friends and co-workers about M-Tech Laptop and desktop computers, you do us a favor for sure but more importantly, your doing them the a favor by steering them to a company that understands nothing good comes from poor quality products and workmanship.

M-Tech Laptops makes it possible to help yourself and your associates by referring them to M-Tech Laptops. Every customer who ends up purchasing from M-Tech Laptops gets the best laptop made and you get $25 or more for either verbally telling them about us or placing a affiliate referral link to our website on your webpage or whatever social media site you use.

M-Tech Affiliate Referral web page