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Will Dragon NaturallySpeaking run under Windows 10

Lunis Orcutt, owner an moderator of, the preeminent web site and forum on Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, replied to a request from M-Tech Laptops concerning the use of DNS with the newly released Microsoft Windows version 10. A M-Tech technical adviser was seeking to confirm Nuances claims that Dragon would work with Windows 10. Normally we take the manufacturers word on things like this, but when you have as knowledgeable a resource on any technology, as Lunis is with DNS, it would be foolish not to use that resource. So below , with his permission, is his reply to a question that one of M-Tech’s clients asked us to research on their behalf.. ‘will DNS work on Win 10?’

Lunis rrplied

Calling Nuance for assistance is equivalent to any your head with a brick but in this case, they sort of got it right.

I am using a 4 year old M-Tech desktop computer and successfully upgraded to Windows 10 3 days ago. It's actually been a fairly seamless upgrade but there are some Dragon 13 issues which most end-users will not run into. The biggest problem is attempting to deploy a Ver. 12 or Ver. 13 Advanced-Scripting command (even the simplest advanced scripting commands) in Outlook 2013 or Word 2013. Note that advanced scripting command technology is only available in professional versions of Dragon. When attempting to deploy an advanced scripting command, it usually results in freezing the computer and the command failing. The only way to get out is to press {Ctrl+Alt+Del} to enable the mouse so that you can click Cancel. Fortunately this isn't an issue for a KnowBrainer command software.

Having said that, I'm aware that Nuance is going to release Ver. 13.5 before the end of August because they have issued a public seminar on August 18 to advertise new features. It may take them a little longer because they were unaware of the advanced scripting command problems, until I told him yesterday.