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Choosing the right cmputer

Choose Your Tools Wisely

Way back at the turn of the 18th century dueling was a way gentleman settled their differences over lies or even perceived threats. Since many time the outcome of this arbitration was the death of one or both of the 'Gentleman' you can imagine that each person chose his weapon wisely. They selected what was, for each person, the best tool for the job based on their abilities or needs.
So we fast forward to current times and while we don't 'legally' dispute disagreements this way we do still have the need to choose our weapons or tools wisely. Buying a computer because it was what was in stock or on sale rarely results in the customer getting the best computer for his needs. Perhaps the computer user is an avid hard core gamer, he certainly will not best his digital opponents with mediocre qaulity computer parts that may not even be the correct items for the job. he has certain RAM, Video and drive requirements that need to be met if his laptop is the right tool for the job. The same holds true for any working professional or serious hobbyist. If you have a program that is not running poorly because your combination of critical components are wrong for the job then it doesn't matter what a sweet deal you got. We wont even go into why it was such a sweet deal, enough has been said about that already.  Think of it this way, lets say you have a project your working on and you need a 1/2" wrench. So you hop on down to the tool store and they have this screaming deal on a 3/8" wrench, It is a great price! So you buy it because why would you pay more for the 1/2" wrench when the 3/8" saves you well over 50%?  Of course in this scenario you understand and would never buy the wrong tool for the job because it would hamper your performance. 
Why would you think your program needs and your style of using your computer would be any different?