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Top 10 Reasons to [NOT] Buy a DELL

  1. I love trying to figure out if I am a Home Office or a Small Business. What if I am a large business run from my home? Yikes!!
  2. I want to own technology that is at least 6 months out of makes me feel safe. I think the world moves too fast. So I sure don't want my computer to move fast too.
  3. I love a web site that requires seven pages of ordering to see my final price. I have nothing but time on my hands!
  4. I enjoy having to fill out reams of paperwork to get the money I overpaid back in a rebate check. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you have loaned $200 of your money to a corporate giant for three months (Interest Free)
  5. Paying so much extra for a laptop helps me to feel as if I have contributed to the economy.
  6. I appreciate how hard I have to look around the DELL site just to see if the laptop has a USB port. DELL must figure that this weeds out the idiots from the rest of us. If I cant figure out were your specifications page is, then I am too dumb to own a DELL laptop to begin with. Keep that page buried, the strong will find it.
  7. I like the fact that my technical support and customer service is redirected to the other side of the world. I like promoting a global economy.
  8. Great idea selling my "on site" warranty service to the lowest bidder in my neighborhood. I think it is very nice you find work for the hardware technicians in my area that are not good enough to find work on their own. In addition, I like having this person in my house seeing all my other great toys. Maybe he can set the clock on my VCR for me.
  9. DELL does not give me a free carry case. Good idea. That is also why I bought a car without rust proofing or bumpers.
  10. I appreciate the fact DELL feels I only need free technical support for one year. Why would I want lifetime free support? You think I am an idiot or something? If I need help after one year, well then I deserve to pay for it.
Would you like to add to our list of reasons to own a DELL? Can you think other other great reasons to add to this list? Email us at and if they fit the bill we may use them. If they are REALLY good we may even send you a M-Tech T-Shirt.