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Choose The Best M-Tech Laptop For Your Needs.

Choosing the best laptop model for your specific needs can seem daunting. It need not be that problematic, however. M-Tech has created overlapping ways to make sure you  choosing the best possible model.

One suggestion for knowing which laptop will best suit your needs is to note all the specific uses your laptop will be doing. For example; will you be using it for Speech Recognition and maybe a game once in a while. You also like a smaller 15.6" screen. With this information in hand, go to our
Store Map and review the model options listed under each category. If you find a model or two listed in each category, then you have the model best suited to you. In this case, let's say you selected Extreme gaming, Speech Recognition and 15.6" LCD size. The M8600 will show in all three categories, making it your likely choice. had you modified your gaming needs to be Entry level gaming, then perhaps the M8600 and the M6600 would have also shown under all three of your predetermined categories.

What do you do if you don't find all your choices listed in every category? First, prioritize. If Speech Recognition use is the priority because you use it for work, then give that priority over gaming. This will allow you to make sure if something is dropped, it is not the high priority use that gets dropped. Secondly; just because we have not listed a specific model under a category, does not mean it will not work. We try to narrow uses down so you have a clear understanding of what a specific model is best suited for. However, many times you can get perfectly adequate use of a model we did not intend or your specific use. One such example may be that you want Speech recognition and gaming but also a 13.3" laptop. Just because the two usage categories may not be the primary intended use for that model doesn't mean it won't handle the software to your satisfaction. Before you modify our intended choices though, make sure that the reason you go away from the intended selection method is that your highest priority is being met. In this case, it would be that having a small lightweight laptop. 
Should you decide to choose a model that doesn't seem to be listed for your use, but you really want something specific (for example small and light) make sure to call M-Tech and ask a technical adviser what type of build they can suggest. They may make suggestions of RAM and drives types that could be all the difference. Of course, you can always call and ask a technical adviser what model they would recommend. In either case, M-Tech always feels you are better off knowing what models there are and what options exist. This way you and your adviser can be partners in selecting your next and best laptop model.