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How does M-Tech help you save money?

We strive to base our guidance to you on your actual needs, not market hype. To do this we first discuss in depth with you what you will be using your laptop for. If your needs our not apparent to us, we will do an in depth review of your software and it needs (possibly contacting the software manufacturer) and add this information to the information we gathered from our interview of you and your needs. Next we ask a few more questions such as "do you plan on growing in your needs", etc.. then we discuss one or more laptop models with you and explain the features and benefits of each one. This is a joint process in which we both learn. We learn your needs and expectations and you learn about what technology is available to you and what it means to your computing experience. This has proven to be a valuable way to save you hundreds of dollars. You purchase just what you need and no extra. This amount of time we spend with you could be a few hours if we feel we need to research your personal software requirements. Not to worry though, this does not cost you a dime. It is just part of the service you get when you purchase any M-Tech brand laptop. In fact as previously mentioned, it often times saves you money by cutting back on costly purchase mistakes.
So when you contemplate your next laptop purchase remember what you get when you buy any M-Tech laptop. A first rate quality laptop at a price hundreds less than the supposed elite brands. Personal attention from someone who knows laptops and knows your needs ...and cares! A laptop selection based on this information that will yield the most cost effective laptop purchase anywhere. With all of this at no extra cost to you, why would you risk buying any other laptop from anybody else. Even if you found a laptop that is as good as the laptop we offer (and that is a big if) and even if the price is as good as M-Tech's price, you could still be spending money on a laptop computer that is not perfect for your needs, do this and then you risk wasting your hard earned money. Why risk it?
Why does M-Tech not have and commissioned sales people?
With M-Tech you can have a great value and know not a single penny was wasted on overkill or inappropriate technology. Just try to remember when the last time a "sales person" really gave you that kind of time and attention to your personal needs. Try to recall any sales person talking you out of spending money on an upgrade that would provide you with no extra benefit. Unless you are an M-Tech customer you probably do not ever recall that kind of service. Our highly trained staff have no reason to sell you the most expensive options since they won't get any commission from the sale. The average sales person is not going to talk you out of that expensive CPU when he knows if you purchase it he/she gets extra income from it. Our staff will never...NEVER up sell you just to make a larger sale. You have our promise on that. Give us a call today and try us out. Once you do, the thought of buying a laptop from anybody else will scare the DELL out of you.