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Supercharge Your Technolgy Options

Supercharge Your Technology Options

Communications the key, lets talk: M-Tech Laptops has always been on the cutting edge of technology and is considered one of the world’s most innovative computer companies. We work with Fortune 500 and Fortune 200 companies and assist them in becoming more efficient and more productive. We can help you generate new opportunities and increase productivity. We were the forst to offer a complete range of high performance laptops from Xeon-based Mobile Servers, NVIDIA Quadro based Mobile Workstations, Gaming and Professional Laptops with SLI GTX 980M as well as All-in-One PCs equipped with TPM 1.2 for data encryption.

M-Tech computers are known for their use of cutting edge enterprise class components and their long lifespan. By using a heavy duty mechanical design we are able to extend the life of the laptop chassis significantly. M-Tech systems are also fully upgradable, allowing components to be replaced as they become bottlenecks. Lastly, we offer a high level of customization allowing your sales representatives to build tailor-made solutions for their clients.


Talking Points

1 – Have you ever wished for a server platform in a mobile form factor? The D9FHD is a laptop that weighs 12lbs and makes use of the XEON E52697v2 processor (12 core 24 threads), supports up to 32GB of RAM, 6 TB of storage, RAID configurations 0,1,5,10 and supports multiple network O/S’s such as Redhat, server 2008 and VMWARE.  Would benefit from this type of hardware?


2 – We continue to produce mobile workstations that are some of the fastest, most efficient computers available. Many of our Fortune 500 customers require a mobile solution such as the D9FHD, will you be working in a temporary office, do you have consultants or are just looking for a smaller form factor yet would like to continue using a workstation class computer?


3 – We have daily requests for systems that make use of cutting edge GPU technology. With the release of new highly anticipated video game titles are you seeing an increase in orders for systems that make use of high end video cards such as the 880M or SLI/XFIRE configurations? Do you work with Solidworks or Autodesk, would you benefit from an ultra high end mobile GPU such as the 8GB K5100M Quadro cards?


4 – Have used or even know about CUDA processing? Did you know that there are applications being run using the GPU as the processor rather than the CPU? CUDA processing is being used by scientists, physicists and professors etc to run applications much faster than multicore CPU’s? Do you have any employees involved in advanced research projects such as professors, chemists or physicists?


5 – Are you looking for a All In One computer? Did you know that our I357 All In One systems are proven to consume less than half the amount of energy compared to a traditional desktop (65Watts vs. 300w+)? Has management approached you about a VESA mountable All In One solutions with multitouch options in either a 19’’ model or a 21.5’’?. What about a computer systems that can be easily moved without having to be shut down because they contain a battery pack?


6 – Do you require cutting edge display technology like QHD+ or IPS wide angle viewing. Are you aware that QHD+ provides greater display capabilities than Retina display (up to 3200 x 1800 via QHD+)? Could you make use of QHD+, if not, what resolutions and screen sizes are your laptops?


7 – We are seeing an influx of orders for laptops that support Thunderbolt technology. Do you have a need for Thunderbolt connectivity? Did you know Thunderbolt is a direct connection to PCI-E and DP 1.2, which means you get PCI-E speeds outside the box? Are you currently taking advantage of Thunderbolt technolgy?


8 – Security and integrity of a computer system continue to be talking points when speaking with clients. Are you concerned about security and are looking for ways to increase your protection? Have you a need for laptops without webcams? How about systems with easily removable hard drives? Did you know our systems are equipped with a TPM 1.2 module which is a hardware solution that ensures a platform’s integrity remains constant?


9 – Some of our systems support up to 5 hard drives. Are you looking for ways to increase the amount of internal storage? Do you have employees looking for ways to further increase the speed of their system or redundancy solutions that are located within the system itself? M-Tech systems support multiple RAID configurations and up to 6TB of storage across a variety of different hard drive technologies. Do your current brand laptops have options for mSATA or SSD/Hybrid drives?


10 – Our clients recognize us as a company that provides them with systems that are designed to last because of our build quality, upgradability, configurability and expansion capabilities. Do you work with a custom manufacurer that has a heavy duty mechanical design? Do you have needs for laptop systems with a high level of upgradability such as socket CPUs or MXM VGA modules?


We look forward to speaking with you.