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Custom Build Your Own Laptop

Did you know that M-Tech can customize a laptop to work with your specialty hardware? Do you need a laptop to run multiple operating systems (Linux, Solaris, XP, DOS, XP, Vista and Windows 7) all in a virtual environment? Whatever your special needs may be, give M-Tech a call. We can help.
When you need maximum everything. We are not talking about what you can already do with every M-Tech Laptop. Were not talking to 99% of the people who buy M-Tech Laptops. We are talking to the very small and very select group of customers who do not just need the normal specifications our laptops already have. What we are doing here is taking our already extreme laptops and going several steps further. Who benefits the most? Scientific and engineering professionals. Perhaps even the extreme gamer.
What are samples of what can be done? Well that can be varied since many of the things we will be doing are so custom we cant even imagine at this time. However some ideas may be touch screens, 24GB of RAM in a laptop with a XEON I7 CPU designed to be a 24/7 server. Four or more hard drives in a RAID 10 array. How about your own proprietary hardware that needs to be embedded within our laptop. Do you need a laptop to run multiple operating systems (Linux, Solaris, XP, DOS, XP, Vista and Windows 7) all in a virtual environment? M-Tech has a next generation R&D department at it disposal just to accomplish the impossible.
You won't see these options mentioned or even suggested in our normal custom build and buy page. The options we are talking about here are so extreme that you will be assigned to a R&D representative who will talk with you, perhaps many times as we submit your request and develop a workable solution. Together we conceive a solution to your needs. Nobody but M-tech offers the level of personal service we do and now M-Tech is taking it even further by putting our R&D at your beck and call.
Windows Vista advancements in security and reliability, along with its cost and operational efficiencies, give you and your users confidence in your company PCs. With Windows Vista, users have clear ways to organize and view their information, which enables them to focus on the most important aspect of their jobs. Windows Vista communication, mobility, and networking features keep users connected to people, information, and devices. Combined, these benefits bring clarity to your world and to the world of your end users.