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What makes M-Tech Laptops so special?

In a word...our laptops have the worlds lowest return rate because we use highest quality laptops in the industry and we care. OK that's more than a word, but one word just cant describe the special touch you get when you call up M-Tech Laptops and ask for help in choosing your next laptop computer.
Lets Talk About Laptop Quality
Far too few consumers know that the laptop industry as a whole has dropped the quality of it products in order to continue to sell laptops cheaper and cheaper. People want to see cheaper laptops with more features. This has allowed the industry to get away with lowering quality in almost every aspect of the market. It doesn't matter if you pay $6000 or $600, the price is not what determines if you purchased a good laptop. For example, Alienware use to be the laptop you would buy to make sure you got a great laptop. Now Alienware still charges an arm and a leg but the quality f the laptop they choose to sell is embarrassingly low. M-Tech feels those people who want quality should have the option of really getting a fine laptop known by customer comments not just because it is expensive. Some of our laptop cost more than other laptops we sell. The thing that sets M-Tech apart is no matter what laptop you buy, you get the same attention to quality, and quality means speed. Did you know that a cheap laptop can never match the speed of a well built laptop? You can match them up CPU to CPU and every time M-Tech will whoop up on the expensive competition. DON'T be fooled, you don't always get what you paid for. Before you spend a small fortune for a well know fancy brand, check lout what M-Tech offers. With our custom advice and personal one on one attention we can build you a laptop that handles your needs without any wasteful overkill.
What is the One -On-One Attention M-Tech Brags About Giving it's Customers?
So many times people "over buy" when choosing their laptops. If you want bragging rights, then that is fine, go ahead and order the biggest and so called fastest of everything. However if you let us help you make some smart choices about your next laptop, we can really save you some money. On average a M-Tech customer saves about $250 by asking for our advice. That's money you can keep in the bank or take your spouse out to dinner with. Hey don't laugh, if your wanting a new laptop, you may find it easier to buy one if you have already showered your loved one with a special evening.
Either way, we want to help you avoid buying into the hyped up advances in technology. Yes they are for real, yes they can help you in computing. Remember though that most of what you read is from magazines that get their money through advertisements. If a technology is not purported to be as helpful as possible then the buying market slows and advertising drops. Make no mistakes, magazine are about selling you on buying more and newer technology. They have to make you feel that you NEED the latest CPU or that cool new DVD Burner. You may well need it, however we suggest you call M-Tech Laptop and let us help you sort through what is real and what is hype.
At M-Tech Laptops we know what you want is to get the most speed for wherever you budget may be. Let us help you in choosing the best LCD monitor, the correct CPU and RAM combination. Let M-Tech Laptops help you sort through the confusion about what hard drive is best for you.
For instance, if you want the fastest laptop possible you may think that the fastest CPU and the most RAM is what you need. Let M-Tech Laptops show you if that not always is this the case. Too fast a GHz rating can cause bottlenecks on the motherboard, too much RAM can cause extra work for the CPU and take away CPU time from your applications. As with most things, there is usually a combination that will achieve top results at the least possible out of pocket costs. Let us help you find that for your next laptop computer purchase.
How do you know if you need the less or more? You call us and we find your needs, then we advise you on the options available. If you allow us we will then custom fit a laptop computer to your needs.
Of course sometimes you just want the biggest of everything, if that is the case, then no problem. At M-Tech Laptops you are always the boss. In the end, what you get.
Why Don't You Have Commissioned Sales People?
When was the last time you thought a sales person was?
A: As knowledgeable as you were on a subject and
B: cared about saving you money.
Lets face it, most sales people in the industry work from a list or chart and ask question that are trying to lead you to the conclusion you need to spend more money. MORE MONEY that's always the answer with a commissioned sale person. You may feel he is nice and that he gave you good advice but face the facts, if it comes down to saving you money by talking you out of a expensive upgrade or feeding his/her family, who do you think is going to win.
M-Tech attacks this on both levels, we hire only employed IT professionals and we pay them well, not by the sale or based on how much you pay. This frees us up to give you good advice and save you hundreds of dollars because you won't be overbuying some expensive technology.
Sound too good to be true? Can't imagine a place trying to talk you out of spending money? Thousands of M-Tech customers thought that way as well... until they called us and found out that we care about you keeping your money in your wallet as much as you do.
Technology is More Than Just Selling You a Laptop
How many times has a laptop been purchased from a so called "technology based company" only to find out they just want to move a product. What else should they be doing you ask? Well here at M-Tech we feel technology is 90% information and 10% hardware. So when you call up two years later and have a question about some new technology, we will teach you what you want to know. Maybe you want to get into photo editing and want to know what software and camera you should be looking at. We don't sell either but we will do the research and tell you what you need to know. You know without a doubt, if you called DELL or Alienware extreme this or that pc emporium, and ask them to explain Intel I7 CPU's to you and do some research on what digital camera is considered the best for the money, YOU KNOW they will ask you to call back when you want to buy something, why would you call them to ask them about something they don't sell. You want to know about editing , get a book, don't call them, they sell laptops not cameras. Hopefully you get the point, they only want to talk with you if you are spending money. They don't get paid to teach you or do research for you. At M-Tech, that is our job, even if we have to go home and do some after hours research, you know belong to the M-Tech family and family never turns you away.
What is in it for M-Tech Laptops?
How does this benefit M-Tech Laptops? Easy, because of this philosophy in laptop sales, we have a huge base of customers that will buy from us again and again. They know that they can trust us not to sell them what they don't need or cannot afford. This is important for M-Tech Laptops as well, you see we need you to know that we have your best interest in mind. That way should you be contemplating buying a laptop that is wrong for your needs, perhaps not powerful enough, we need you to now you can trust this too is the best choice for you. It will never be about how much is costs. It will always be about what is best for you. We don't know what is normal for the other laptop companies, but it is hard to imagine they have as high a percentage of return customers as M-Tech Laptops does.
Test us out, call and find out. Mention you are thinking about the fastest CPU and the most RAM possible. Then sit back and listen to our staff try to help you save money. Call us today and prove to yourself this is not marketing hype, it is real, honest to goodness help when you need it the most.
Confused as to what you need in a laptop? Afraid of wasting money on the wrong notebook or buying a laptop that will not do what you require? Call M-Tech today and let M-Tech Laptops do an in depth research of your needs and make a recommendation. Its free and without any obligation.