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M-Tech Affiliate Program

Monery PictureNow is the Best Time to Join and Earn Big
I'm sure you've heard that we're in a recession, that unemployment is at its highest in years and that things are not going to get any better. With an increased number of job seekers on the market, many people are turning to work from home enterprises. Not surprisingly personal and small business websites are springing up left and right. Unfortunately for these budding entrepreneurs, they soon realize that just having a website does nothing to guarantee your financial security. You need several things. You need a product that others desire, a way to fill this desire in a manner that is professional, you need a rock solid name and reputation. The reasons are clear. Maybe you have an idea for a product, sorry but your not the first. Search the web and you will find there are hundreds of thousands of websites already out there with a head start on you. How important is this head start? Very, they already have a lead on you when it comes to product pricing, they have supply sources and since they sell more than you get better prices. Better prices mean you either have to find a cheaper way to get the same product or you have to sell a product that is not thought of as being discount. You can do this either by name or by nature. Now take laptops, for instance, by and large most brands sell based on how cheap they are. This has caused the laptop market to become very low quality. The low prices mean that low quality is needed. This is a vicious cycle that ends with everybody losing. The other way to sell laptops is to decide to be the very best. Not just say your the best but REALLY be the best. This type of marketing and product does not have to worry about being the cheapest on the web. There will always be people who will pay a little more to assure themselves they have the best quality and fastest laptop. Reputation is important, you cant sell laptops that are the best if nobody knows your the best. The reputation comes from many facets. Longevity is a priority. The customer needs to see you have been around long enough for the reputation to have proved your word is good. Somebody in business for only a few years has not proven that he will continue to stay the best and be there down the road for the customer.
M-Tech has what you need to make the best use of your website.
Over the last fifteen years, M-Tech Laptops has fine-tuned its position and reputation in the market. BACK IN 1996, we saw the economy was on a downward spiral. Our feeling was that when prices started to drop for laptops, so would the quality. We were right, back in 1996 we decided to bring everything in-house and not rely on others for our reputation. This meant that instead of some company doing our warranty or technical support. From that point on we made our minds over to only use the best of the best and the people that answer your support questions are the same people who helped build the laptop and they will be the same people who help to repair it in the unlikely event it needs repairing. This attention to quality has given a name in the mobile technology field that is second to none. This reputation for top quality and super fast laptops allows us to charge a fair price to both us and our customers. In fact, M-Tech charges less than some companies like Alienware because we found out that when you spend the extra time and money building the laptop it actually allows you to sell them cheaper than you would imagine because we do not have the added expense down the road when a laptop comes back to be repaired. All of this gives you what you need today to make a success of your new or existing website. Why try to spend years building your own reputation when you can inherit the M-Tech reputation. Prove to yourself this is true. Go to Google and search for "worlds fastest laptop" "fastest gaming laptop" or "fastest laptop" You will find that not only does M-Tech show on the first page but we rank #1 position on the first page. By using your website to sell M-Tech laptops you can take advantage of that reputation. Any of your web visitors doubt the truth of your affiliate link when it says M-Tech is the fastest, will soon have those doubts erased when they start using their search engines. This is a creditability and a reputation that you can start using today.
A Perpetual market with consistent Sales
Over the next 10 years, you will see a shift within the ranks of computer owners to move from bulky desktop PCs to laptops. M-Tech's laptop has the full power of a desktop PC and in most cases, our laptops are more powerful than most of the desktops currently owned. The days of having to buy a desktop PC to make sure you had top speed are long gone. M-Tech is perfectly placed to take advantage of this market. The reason is that as mentioned all the competing brands are using low-quality components. They do this to keep the price down. However, low quality also keeps the performance down. A customer who has owned an M-Tech P3 laptop for 6.5 years recently had a DELL/Toshiba franchise benchmark this 6.5-year old laptop against every new DELL and Toshiba in the store. To their chagrin, in the M-Tech beat every single laptop. The reason is not because today's CPU's are slower, the reason is because the cheap motherboards the big names brands are using just do not allow the CPU, RAM, GPU ,etc.. to perform to the level they were designed to perform to. Quality determines speed and quality determines the laptops life span. Every year we have college students tell us they are still using their M-Tech laptop but their roommates and classmates always come back with a new DELL because the previous one just did not last long enough to get two years from it. Excuse me, but are we really wanting to spend good money on throwaway laptop computers? We know that many people do not want this and you can take advantage of it by promoting the M-Tech name from your web site.
Three Affiliate Commission Rates
M-Tech Laptops offers three commission rates, $10, $20 and $40, which guarantees our most active affiliates to earn from $20 to $40 per laptop sale. The number of sales is up to you. You can simply paste a link and hope curiosity causes the person on your web site to follow it, or you can boost sales and take some control of your income and build a page or two around a specific laptop model or models. The choice is yours. This is your business and you are the boss. The best thing is that once a customer follows the link, they will be fully assisted by M-Tech personal. You do not have to answer questions or take time consuming phone calls. That is what we do, you job is just to get the shopper to follow the link. To the extent you can do that largely determines your income. Is it a get rich quick plan? No! you earn in direct proportion to the work you put out.
High Conversion Rates
While some companies affiliate plans require you to pay to join, M-Tech does not require any cash outlay from you. We only require that you have the page fully implemented and up for us to review. M-Tech has to give you the authorization to post our link. Why is this needed if it is your web site? Well, as mentioned our reputation is everything , we need to make sure no errors or omissions are made that could damage our fantastic reputation. Once the authorization is given you will be supplied with coded links to draw customers to specific laptop models or to our main site. That is up to how you plan to promote the product. Again, your the boss regarding that. We only insist that before you promote anything doing with our name that we have the chance to approve it. There may well be things we can suggest that would help you turn web shoppers into cash.
Why you can Sign Up in Confidence
  • Accurate Tracking

Sales, leads and traffic are tracked both through an affiliate ID included in your url and through cookies, which means that even if your visitors come at a later time to purchase our services without going though your site, you will still get credited for the sale.

  • Monthly payments

We pay earned commissions every month with a minimum payout of $20. Checks are sent to affiliates worldwide, and since most sale commissions are a lot more than $20, it's easy to get a check every month.

  • Secure Information
Your contact information is secure with us we hate spam and fraud as much as you do.