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M-Tech Laptops - About Us


M-Tech Laptops, Inc. was founded in 1995 by a group of highly dedicated technical and marketing professionals. The goals of the company are to design, develop, and distribute state-of-the-art notebook and laptop computers, and to become the technology leader in providing customized solutions for our valued customers in a fast-changing market. Over the years M-Tech has established itself as a premier laptop provider catering to the technology minded individual and extreme gamer. M-Tech has consistently taken on the larger names brands and beaten them at their own game. M-Tech now sets as a laptop brand to own if you need uncompromising quality and speed from your laptop and need it at a price sometimes thousands less than brands like Alienware.

Headquartered in Michigan with strategic partnerships in the heart of Silicon Valley, Canada, and Europe, M-Tech Laptops Inc. has access to fast-moving PC technologies through close relationships with nearby leading microprocessor and chipset manufacturers. M-Tech Laptops Inc. has consistently produced the most powerful and innovative notebooks in the market by drawing from a strong combination of expertise in industrial design, mechanical design, chip design, system design, software/firmware knowledge, and marketing. M-Tech Laptops Inc. notebook and laptop computers are manufactured in the ISO 9002 certified factories using the latest manufacturing procedures and technologies.

Originally M-Tech started with strategic OEM agreements with various notebook factories to market and distribute under the M-Tech brand name. Currently, M-Tech Laptops Inc. has narrowed this field down by isolating those Taiwanese laptop manufacturers that give outstanding value and performance and consistently have the lowest return for failure rate. M-Tech will continue to monitor these trends in an effort to provide you, the consumer, with the most advanced and reliable laptop computer available today. M-Tech has the final assembly, testing, and burn-in in the United States for North American customers, Canada and Holland for our European customers. Then, every notebook is tested no less than three times, burned in and tested again before finally being hand checked by our technicians before the final shipment to our customers. All notebooks can be sold as custom configured only. This assures you and M-Tech that each and every laptop that ships out is the best laptop computer possible. M-Tech is the only laptop brand that actually rejects laptops that other brands would consider perfectly good. Being a good laptop is not good enough with M-Tech. If your laptop doesn't test within a very high standard, it will not be sold as an M-Tech branded laptop. With many other brands, if the laptop works then it gets sold. Only with M-Tech can you be assured of knowing you have the fastest laptop of its kind.

M-Tech Laptops' Mission Statement

M-Tech Laptops has been riding the cutting edge of technology's wave since 1995. Our commitment is threefold. First, we are committed to supplying the best, the most advanced, and the highest quality product. Our standards are sky-high, our testing is rigorous, and our quality control process is grueling. Second, we are committed to maintaining a price point that provides the absolute most amount of bang for the consumer's buck. This is why we don't have flashy TV commercials and our laptops don't come in pretty boxes. You pay no more for our product that is fair. Third, we are committed to freely dispensing ongoing technology education. Everyone receives personal, in-depth instruction and advice from the first time they visit our website through their many years of M-Tech product ownership. Give us a call; you'll see the difference.


M-Tech Laptops' Warranty Overview

For warranty service, we provide a 1-year warranty with pre-paid return shipping for parts and labor along with free lifetime technical support. We can also provide extended warranty services as an option.

Order with Ease and Confidence

With M-Tech, you can place your order directly through the M-Tech online store, or you can call us directly and we'll be happy to discuss your unique needs and find the right machine for you. Concerned about online ordering security? No problem - we'll take your order over the phone.

M-Tech has also received numerous excellent industry reviews in such magazines as Laptops, Portable Computing and Mobile Computing, C/NET, PCTODAY and others. Read More.

"The M30 offers virtually all of the features and performance you could ask of a desktop PC, but in a much more compact unit."

"the M-TECH 30W has the horsepower to be your main system, whether it is on your office desk or on your tray table at 35,000 feet."
"We like the M-TECH30W's performance-at its price, it's a real powerhouse."

"we could do nothing but stand in awe of the system." "Perhaps the best part of the system is its strong warranty." "The M-TECH 4200 gives you a lot for your money."

"The M-TECH 8100 - Best of all, the price is well below that of many less-capable laptops."

"The M-TECH30W strikes and excellent balance between performance, features, and economy." "It's quite a deal."

M-TECH20U - "we have nothing but praise for the two slice configuration of the MTECH20U." "If your looking for a big-screen portable with great multimedia, able to handle tough applications with aplomb, take a look at the M-TECH 2893."

"For the price, the Elite-BK offers a good value." "As a total experience, the M-TECH Elite-BK performed well and left us with a good impression." M-TECH Desktop PC Elite-BK

"Large-screen notebooks have always been popular. When we receive a laptop like the M-TECH 30W-15, it's easy to understand that popularity." "If you took most of what is desirable in a multimedia notebook, and listed it on an order form, you'd wind up with the M-TECH 30W-15."

"The MTECH38 presents a very nice overall package in an affordable laptop, all at seven pounds. It's certainly worth a look."

"The DVD player worked great, as is to be expected from a machine with as much CPU and video horsepower as this one has," M-TECH 928

" the Power4-BK is just as capable of running accounting or payroll as it is burning MP3s to CD-Rs." M-TECH DESKTOP PC Power4-BK

" The M-TECH 5600 is a real knockout" "The MTECH5600 doesn't have to get by on good looks alone. Aside from being a powerful laptop, it has some other features we liked a lot.