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How to clean your laptop for longer life and faster performance

The Top One Way to damage your laptop

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David Letterman is famous for his top ten lists. Well if Mr. Letterman were to read a Top Ten list of 'Ways to Ruin Your Laptop Computer', the Number one spots would go to those who block or do not clean the ventilation system ontheir laptop. It is no secret that M-Tech makes the most powerful laptops in the industry. A fact of life is power and heat go hand in hand. Even if you had a laptop that is powered down for energy conservation, you could still blister your finger in a second or less by touching the CPU or GPU. This heat left unchecked will slow down then eventually destroy the components on the motherboard if not the motherboard itself. First to go is usually the GPU AKA video card AKA $350 out of your pocket to replace. There, we thought that may get your attention.
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When asked how to keep these new generation of M-Tech laptops clean and cool, surprisingly Wesley Kuo, (M-Tech support department head) stated simply enough to get access to a blow nozzle on an air compressor and blow back and forth from the vent to the fan, then the fan to the vent, this is the only thing short of removing the bottom plate on the laptop itself, that will adequately remove the dust bunnies from the fan, heat sink and cooling vents.


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Your laptop can run faster and live longer by simply keeping a $5 can of compressed air close by your laptop and at least once a week use it to blow free any dust that may be gathering. Do this at least once a week or more often and you can avoid having to find an air compressor. This simple investment in a can of air will not only save you a week without your laptop and at least $350, bit it will also make your laptop run faster. Got your attention again didn't we? Yes it's true. Heat builds resistance in electronic components and resistance kills speed. In short, heat bad clean fast. What are some other ways to damage your laptop? Placing your laptop on your lap ( we know, your laptop can't go on your lap?) or setting it on anything that is not a hard and flat surface. Like the accompanying shows, your laptop setting on a towel, bed sheet, blanket, couch cushion or carpet, will in short order cause your laptop to overheat. (and make you have sad faces) This causes poor performance and eventually, as mentioned, will kill your laptops video card and shorten the life of the remaining chipsets.

laptop on towel ...very badM-Tech recommends always keeping your laptop on a well designed cooling tray. We emphasize a "well designed" cooling tray. M-Tech tested 29 cooling trays and had just about given up on finding a cooling tray that helped keep our laptops cool, in fact some trays even damaged the laptop. Persistence paid off and we eventually found several models that do indeed protect your investment. Please call M-Tech and ask an advisor to look over your choice of cooling tray before purchasing it. A cooling tray is a must but only if it is well designed and built to cool the type of cooling system your laptop has. Your technical advisor stands ready to help you choose the cooling tray as well as teach you how to keep your laptop clean and mean.
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