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M-Tech Support

M-Tech Laptops - Support Services

Should you require repairs or have questions regarding your hardware, please refer to your M-Tech Invoice for the technical support number. As an alternate option, fill out the support request below to request our support team to assist you. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Have a New M-Tech Computer? Follow this link to print out a handy list of tips and suggestion to get the most from your new computer. It is important to read this BEFORE you start to use your new computer. This can save you time, money and frustration.

M-Tech has a number of helpful resources for you to improve, fix and repair poor computer performance. Please try:

Keep your laptop clean, or else... Here is the why's and the how

Know Your Computer - Follow this link to learn how your laptop is running. Provide powerful information for our technical support team to help you. 

M-Tech Phase 3 computer enhancement techniques. Once you have finished all your own installation procedures and think you are finished, consider these extra enhancements to your laptop. They will increase speed, stability, and security.

Secure your computer from Virus's, Trojans and Spyware and Malware

Please keep in mind that your request is being forwarded by email and email is sometimes unreliable. There are any number of reasons why your emails could get lost or filtered into junk mail. So, if you need support fast, we encourage you to call for assistance.

Technical Support: Domestic Laptops (If your serial number begins with 'PS2 on older laptops and 8 on laptop six years old or newer,' then call 626-243-3284 M-F Pac. Time 9-5)
Technical Support: Desktops 1.6626-243-3284
Should your laptop not have a visible serial number that matches with the predefined number letter sequence PS2 or begins with 8, then call 231-547-5562 for help.

First Name*
Last Name*
Work Phone Number
Home Phone Number
Email Address*
Preferred Contact Method*

Please provide the information requested below from the label on your M-Tech PC.
Model Number*
M-Tech Invoice Number
Serial Number*(begins with PS2)
Operating System*
What is the problem that you're experiencing?
Can you duplicate the problem? If so, how?


Use the form immediately below to download software and drivers for your M-Tech laptop. Please have a qualified technician install the BIOS. M-Tech is not liable for any damage during the installation of the BIOS. You will find your model number on the bottom of the laptop. Please note that the driver download page is hosted by another website and will open in another browser window. If you do not see the new browser window or tab open, ensure you do not have any pop-up blockers that are disabling the new window/tab.

Driver :
Please send your laptop serial number or your motherboard designation, found near your serial number, and email your support 
These drivers or Manuals are customized for M-Tech Laptops only.
We would not advise using them with other vendors' products. 

User Manuals

Need a copy of the user manual for your PC? You can download your original manual, if it is still available, by using the form below. Note that M-Tech PC machines are customized machines, and these manuals shouldn't be used as a reference for any machines other than the specific M-Tech PC that you're selecting. Just contact your support representative for assistance in obtaining a copy. You also have a full manual with every laptop on the drivers CD.

Need More Assistance?

Can't find the drivers that you need? Need help fine-tuning your PC? Use the support form above to request assistance with your specific drivers or check out our YouTube page for helpful hints on how to optimize the performance and lifespan of your M-Tech PC.

Protecting Your Investment

While there is no end to the style and variety of programs you can spend your money on to keep your laptop running smooth and free of Virus's, Spyware's, Worms, Trojans, Registry bloat, Registry corruption, Junk files and corrupt files on your drive, you need not spend much if any of your funds to keep your laptop investment running smooth. Below are some free programs that do a fine job of protecting your laptop. Then there are some paid programs that offer very good service for their price. Keep in mind, just because we may not list your specific program here, it does not means we do not think it a good program. We simply offer some suggestions that can accomplish the desired goal of protecting your laptop for little to no money out of pocket. Some paid programs offer a good value by integrating all the desired programs into one program. If this is your desire then by all means do that. Just be sure to review their effectiveness and stability. M-Tech has found that most programs do a decent job of protecting your against virus's but fall short when it comes to compatibility with our system itself. As a classic example,

Security Software To Avoid

M-Tech STRONGLY discourages the use of any Norton (Symantec) Anti-Virus products, either by themselves alone or in a suite of programs. We have found that Norton conflicts with more computers than it helps. This isn't to say it does not protect you against virus, spyware, junk and intruders. It surely does, but the cost to you is erratic performance. We have found that customers calling with support questions that lend themselves to bizarre behavior on the laptop itself, are almost always because the customer was using a Norton Anti-Virus product. In addition, RAID 0 users need to be very careful as to their choice of protection. Norton is the kiss of the death with a software RAID controller. Feel nervous about selecting your next suit of protection products. You needn't, Here is a list of programs that seem to do a good job. Remember, this isn't a list of all programs, just ones we have tested and found a solid performer for the money spent.

Other security programs to avoid, it saddens us to have to include Zone Alarm to this list but more than a few people report that once Zone Alarm included the Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine in the full security package Zone Alarm offers, their computers become almost unresponsive. Of course, it is no mistake that we have found this to be the case with the latest release of Kaspersky's retail Anti-Virus as well. Once in a while we see an upgrade from Avast that also causes the slow down, it seems though that AVAST eventually corrects the issue. Since it keeps coming back, we must include AVAST on the list of Anti-Virus programs to avoid. Another recent addition to the Anti-Virus programs to stay away from is AVG. Owners of many computer brands report slowdowns so severe they think their computer has frozen. Below are some free and good programs that will keep you running safe and fast, try them.

Other Programs To Avoid.

While we are on the subject of programs to stay away from it is worth mentioning that many popular free file sharing programs can sacrifice your computers safety and integrity buy selling your unused drive space, internet bandwidth and CPU usage to the highest bidder during your off-peak times of usage. iTunes is s very popular file sharing program that many people use and have no idea that during the night or off hours your computers CPU, hard drive and internet connection may be running programs for online advertising and marketing firms. Apple and other companies promoting this freeware make their money by selling contracts to these marketing firms to use your computers resources when you are not on your computer. Many advertisers use these off-site rental systems to do their mass email marketing campaigns., While Apple seems careful enough not to sell your computer resources to illegal sites, other programs like Zune are not so careful. Not only do these programs open up a back door for outside users that could easily be exploited, but you could also be lending your computer unknowingly to illegal web activity such as child porn or maybe something as harmless as emailing that has spam violations. M-Tech is happy to show you ways to manage your music downloads if you wish to avoid taking any chances. We know this seems to bizarre to be true so we encourage you to review the small print on the contract the next time you click the 'Accept' icon, the file sharing and CPU rental is all spelled out for you making this a very legal action on the part of the software provider. So you are in fact agreeing to let them make money from your laptop computer while you sleep in exchange for the programs like iTunes and Zune making your music or other downloads easy to manage. Of course, many of these programs also cause bizarre computer behavior because of their very nature they act upon the deepest parts of your operating system. It can be very difficult to diagnose poor working computers with these styles of programs running in the background since they are often the cause of the poor performance.

Protect your M-Tech Laptop with these free valuable programs.

  • Anti-Virus: Defender (Free, included with your operating system) Update, since this article was Witten, many changes in security have taken place. M-Tech now encourages the use of Defender and nothing else. You can always reach out to 231-547-5562 and ask for clarification.
  • Remove a virus, spyware or Malware from your computer with Microsoft's Safety Scanner
  • Prevent or recover your computer from Malware with the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool  (Free) or Malwarebytes (Free) *
  • Spyware: Spybot S&D (Free), Ad Aware (Free) *
  • Maintenance and system monitoring: Win Patrol (Free), Belarc Advisor (Free) *
  • A new addition, Ultraviewer. It is a remote desktop sharing program. This allows M-Tech to access your computer remotely to assist you in making Tweaks or changes to your laptop. Keep in mind this is only useful for changes that can be made thru your keyboard. Technical Support will not use this because they deal with defective hardware and that requires a hands-on fix. However, if you need help from your technical advisor, this program can be very useful. *

 *As with any download, you need to exercise caution. We make every attempt to give you links to clean virus free downloads but cannot promise they will stay clean. Always have Anti-Virus running and exercise all precautions when downloading anything from any site.

Increase your computers functionality by downloading the free Office Suite programs. Save hundreds of $$ and increase your productivity. Office Style Programs: A very complete suite of programs to cover virtually any basic need you are likely to need. Compatible with Microsoft Office and most other office programs. If you want to stick with traditional Microsoft programs, try the new free cloud system for MS Office. Its free and takes up very little hard drive space since your program and files are stored on the Microsoft cloud.