Windows 10 and your data

Windows 10 and your personal data

In this Age of the Unread Terms of Service Agreement, it’s important to, well, read the ToS. It’s too easy for our technologies to gather personal information without our realizing it. Microsoft is far from the only perpetrator, but since it just delivered us an exciting new operating system, it’s time to dig into those settings.

The Fine Print

In the privacy statement mentioned before, Microsoft goes through three ways it uses personal data: "(1) to operate our business and provide (including improving and personalizing) the services we offer, (2) to send communications, including promotional communications, and (3) to display advertising.” If you want to know more about what Microsoft is talking about, I highly encourage you to browse the privacy statement (seriously), but here’s the gist of it:

1. "To operate our business…”: Many of Microsoft’s applications require personal information in order to operate. For example, if you are using the Maps application, it will need your location to function properly. This instance makes sense, but not all applications are quite as direct with their usage of your information. Cortana also uses your location, and the only way to prevent this is to not use Cortana. Microsoft also collects data to understand why certain applications crash in order to improve them, but this also means tracking your usage of these applications. This means that if Microsoft Office crashes while you are using it, Microsoft will be able to see the Excel or Word documents that were open during the crash.

To help you better control or manage your personal information, we are providing you links to some online resources that should help you better control any potential data mining from your computer. A special thanks to one of our valued customers D. Dibner, who is a security expert. He kindly shared his research on the tip needed to lock down your online privacy.








start there, do msconfig and regedit work is important


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Small Print
This information is provided as a courtesy and in no way guarantees your data security. This is only an attempt to provide some guidance and neither M-Tech nor any of the providers of the information contained here offer and promises that your data is safe and unavailable and take no responsibility for any loss data or it's perceived value.