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Nordic Online Backup Options

SKU: Nordbac
Nordic Backup - Secure Online Cloud Backup
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Nordic Backup - Secure Online Cloud Backup
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Our backup wizard makes backing up your data simple. We offer hassle-free, one-click setup for simpler applications, like home computers, as well as custom data backup for small business and enterprise level markets who may require a more selective backup approach. The Nordic Backup data backup experts are always on hand to assist with setup to ensure all of your important data is covered.

Limitless Cloud Storage

Our Limitless Cloud Storage gives you unlimited storage for all of your files, regardless of file type. Nordic Backup Home gives you unlimited storage for all of your backup data on your personal computer for a flat annual rate.

Nordic Backup Small Business provides comprehensive file backup for unlimited computers, file servers, and network shares.

No interruptions

We believe backup software shouldn't disrupt you or your business by slowing down your system, or spamming you with alerts. Rather than accessing your files directly to perform a backup, we use Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service, or VSS, to take a snapshot of your data. This allows us to backup the snapshot without disturbing you while you go about your business.

Our backup can run on any kind of computer and can securely backup any kind of data automatically without requiring any input from the user.

Our backup runs quietly in the background and sends you an email to let you know how it's doing so you never worry. There are no tapes or hard drives to rotate and all your backups can be managed from our website, no expert required!

Exchange Server & Mail-Level Backup

A primary asset to any business is their email, and lost mail needs to be able to be recovered rapidly. Our backup works with all versions of Microsoft Exchange, and can not only backup Exchange Databases, but we can also backup and restore individual emails, attachments, and appointments all with zero downtime on the Exchange server.

Continuous Backup

Our continuous backup feature will backup files the instant they are created or modified. Continuous backup is great for computers with users working on files throughout the day, constantly backing up new files and updating existing ones. The busier you are, the busier we are.

Universal Backup

Whether you're backing up servers, databases, or any other type of data, we have a backup plan that's perfectly suited to you. It doesn't matter if you are a large, all-Unix enterprise, a small business with PCs and Macs or if you have a mix of Windows, Linux and Apple computers and servers, you still only need one backup solution: Nordic Backup is universal.

No matter what kind of database software you use, Nordic Backup will automatically backup your databases, while they are online, with zero downtime.

NAS & Network Share Backup

Many businesses rely on file servers or network-attached storage (NAS) devices to provide easy, centralized storage for all of the company's shared files and folders. Some of these devices may have some fault tolerance built-in, but none are immune to failure and data corruption, and an automatic backup of network shares is essential, especially when all the company data is stored in once place.

Nordic Backup displays NAS devices and shared folders in our easy to use system browser, which is a part of our simple backup wizard, so selecting your network folders for backup is as simple as selecting a local folder on your computer.

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