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Desktop Computers

M-Tech maintains a custom desktop division. We place just as much attention to quality in our desktops as we do our laptop computers. This makes M-Tech Desktops the best computers money can buy. Due to the variable nature of Desktops and Servers, we recommend you try our desktop configuration page. This page has the most popular base models. Please keep in mind that if you don't see what you need, CALL US. We have such a mind-blowing array of options it would be too confusing to show you them all. None the less, 99% of all PC customers will find a configuration here to suit their needs. Still, you know the drill with M-Tech. CALL US we are here to help you with any and all of your needs.

M-Tech carefully chooses each component that goes into our Desktop or Workstation configurators, so when you customize the hard drive, memory, graphics cards, etc., you are choosing from the best components available. Business professionals who place a high demand on performance and ongoing uptime often prefer custom systems constructed with high-quality components. Quality takes precedence over searching for the lowest cost, through the use of cheap components. Our systems are built with the best brand-name components and have undergone extensive performance testing, resulting in the best long-term value and reliability. Thousands of customers agree.



Why buy an M-Tech desktop vs. a mass-marketed desktop. We could (and have, elsewhere) go on for pages about why M-Tech is better. Let's sum it up though.

  • Mass marketed and cheaper brands sell desktops without the quality you need and want. Without quality, you won't get the speed or the stability you desire. 
  • Mas marketed brands are pre-made and then stocked on store shelves as an inventory item, you may be forced to buy features you don't need or want. `PC that has more than what you need or want is a waste of your money.
  • Those off-the-shelf systems are typically not built or supported in the USA; all M-Tech systems are 100% USA assembled and 100% USA Support. Most have up to a one, three and a five-year warranty and most also have On-Site protection as well as a cost-saving return to depot warranty.plans. Choose the warranty that is the best for you needs or budget.
  • Free Ground Shipping on all desktop computer sales
 We assume elsewhere you have read about how important quality is to the performance of a computer, so we won't go into that here. After all, if your shopping M-Tech for your next computer you already have decided that quality and speed are vital. Without quality, all your money can be wasted simply because you purchased a lot of low-quality features you didn't need instead of getting high-quality components that you need to run your PC into the fastest of its kind. This is why M-Tech Laptops exists, to fill the portion of the market that demands the best, not just hopes for it. It is no fluke that Fortune 500 companies that need the best buy and use M-Tech desktop and laptop computers. If IBM uses M-Tech, perhaps you should too.

Need an M-Tech Desktop PC? If you don't see what you are looking for...Speak to an M-Tech Technical Adviser today. Call (231) 547-5562 to speak with your personal technical adviser. 

Remember, M-Tech has computer engineers available just waiting to create a computer to manage the most demanding and specific needs. Their help is free and the computer they design for you will be priceless. (but we will manage to come up with a price, somehow, just saying :))



A Killer Endorsement!

 Our 5-year-old desktop computer, you built, is now running Windows 10 1803 patch. This computer still runs like a jet engine;  I'm pretty hard on computers and typically wear them out between 2 and 3 years but by the time I replace even a 3-year-old computer, it's usually in pretty bad shape. This computer is still running like the day I purchased it. At the very least, you would think I probably should have reinstalled the operating system. 

I wanted to thank you for the suggestion, which at the time, was nearly experimental because the chip had just come out. Consider this to be a killer endorsement because I would normally be considering my 3rd replacement by now instead of using the only computer I have ever purchased from M-Tech.
Whenever I previously purchased a new computer, I could usually stuff between 10 and 14 Gb of my favorite programs into the startup folder and typically run my computer for a week at a time; hibernating between sessions. The only trick to hibernating this particular computer is once I hibernate Windows, the computer will attempt to wake up any time within a few seconds to a few hours so if I don't additionally push the power button, wait until the system begins to make a noise and click the power button again. I typically only cold boot once a week. I've never had a computer that could handle this practice for more than 6 months before I eventually had to remove everything from the startup folder to keep the computer stable. In the past, I was able to get away with launching KnowBrainer and Dragon from the startup folder but nothing else so I wrote a command that would start everything else on my computer. I haven't had to do that for now for five years. I know that part of the credit probably goes to Windows 10 and SSD but I think most of the credit probably goes to M-Tech.

(M-Tech replies) Well, thank you, Lunis Orcutt, for your unsolicited endorsement. Considering how knowledgeable Lunis is, we feel very proud to have Lunis Orcutt of KnowBrainer's confidence.


 The price you see quoted online is for the computer only and does not include your sales tax. Feel free to contact M-Tech to confirm if your state requires M-Tech to collect sales tax.  Keep in mind that our laptops only incur tax in the state of California. Desktops have broader sales tax rates. However, to help compensate for this, M-Tech has Free Ground Shipping on all desktop computer sales.

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