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Desktop Computers

Desktop Computers
Need an M-Tech Desktop PC? If you don't see what you are looking for...Call
Speak to an M-Tech Technical Adviser today. Call (231) 547-5562 to speak with your personal technical adviser.
Remember, M-Tech has a special R&D division just waiting to create you something special.
M-Tech has an extremely custom desktop division. We place just as much care into our desktops as we do our laptop computers. This makes M-Tech Desktops the best computers money can buy. Due to the variable nature of Desktops and Servers, we recommend you try our desktop configuration page. This page has all available base models. Please keep in mind that if you don't see what you think you need, CALL US. We have such a mind blowing array of options it would be too confusing to show you all the options. None the less, 99% of all PC customers will find me configuration here to suit their needs. Still, you know the drill with M-Tech. CALL US we are here to help you with any and all of your needs.

M-Tech carefully chooses each component model and part number that goes into our Desktop or Workstation configurators, so when you customize the hard drive, memory, graphics cards, etc., you are choosing from the best components available. Business professionals who place a high demand on performance and ongoing uptime often prefer custom systems constructed with high quality components. Quality takes precedence over searching for the lowest cost through the use of cheap components. Our systems are built with the best brand-name components and have undergone extensive performance testing, resulting in the best long-term value and reliability. Thousands of customers agree.


Off-the-shelf systems from other brands can force buyers into accepting (and paying for) components they may not need, while potentially excluding components that could provide better functionality for their unique application. Those off-the-shelf systems are typically not built or supported in the USA; all M-Tech systems are 100% USA Assembly and 100% USA Support!


The M-Tech 5038A-i Workstation is a High-Performance system featuring server-grade memory, networking, and Xeon CPU, designed for CAD, data analysis, video editing, and animations. It will perform tasks faster than a Desktop PC and is designed to run workloads 24x7. The cooling system in the case is designed for up to 4 hard drives and multiple professional graphics cards.


The M-Tech DQ1500Q Desktop PC will be enjoyed by Enthusiasts, Home power users, Gamers, and Professional content creators, performing tasks that are impossible on a low-end off-the-shelf PC. Featuring an Award-winning motherboard, Liquid Cooling, multiple M.2 NVMe drives, powerful audio, and Intel Core X-Series i9 CPU choices, along with slots for 3x Graphics Cards, the D1500Q is the fastest desktop ever available from M-Tech.


Look no further than the M-Tech Mini PC for intense gaming, movies & music, content creation, and heavy workloads when space is at a premium. With a case just 8.3" long, 4.6" wide, and 1.1" thick, the M-Tech Mini PC can fit behind a monitor, on the wall, or just be tucked out of the way. With a 6th-Generation Intel Core i7, 4K video, two M.2 NVMe drives, built-in Card Reader, WiFi/Bluetooth, and four super high-speed USB 3.0 ports, you will be amazed at what such a tiny computer can do!


We collect sales tax in the following states: CA, CO, IL, KS, MI, MN, MO, OH, TX, WA. The price you see quoted online is for the computer only and does not include your sales tax. Keep in mind that our laptops only incur tax in the state of California. Desktops have broader sales tax rates.

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