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Laptop computer for photo editing

Laptop computer for photo editing
Let M-Tech Laptop Put responsiveness back in your workflow

Now more than ever, you can connect with the digital canvas in a natural way. Experience a new level of engagement while navigating your images with fluid viewing, immersive interaction and creative accuracy.

Want more? It's easy - Adobe Photoshop CS5 automatically detects NVIDIA® GeForce® or NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs to enable these accelerated features.
Fluid Viewing

Navigate images like never before. Pan, zoom and rotate with exceptionally fluid motion. With NVIDIA graphics, interrupted, stepwise view changes are a thing of the past.

Panning Zooming Rotating
Slide images across the screen with the Hand tool for a natural, real-time pan in any direction.

No stuttering or preview lags – just fluid zooming in and out of all file sizes, big and small.

Simply, grab and spin to any orientation. Rotating the canvas is instant and smooth.

Scrubby Zoom Birds Eye 3D Modeling
Scrubby Zoom
Zoom with precision quickly and easily while images respond with real time refresh rates.

Bird's Eye
Gain an overview of the entire image and zoom in on a single point of focus in one fluid motion.

3D Modeling
Incorporate and position 3D models in Photoshop projects with smooth rendering powered by NVIDIA graphics.

Immersive Interaction

Stay engaged with the digital canvas by changing brush and color settings directly on the image – no need to navigate to tool bars. NVIDIA graphics enable fluid real-time previews.

Color Picker Color Dropper Brush Resizing
Color Picker
Invoke the onscreen color picker using keyboard commands and stay immersed in your canvas artwork.
Color Dropper
Sampling ring provides the ability to easily compare foreground color with the color palette.
Brush Resizing
Change brush size and settings while remaining engaged with the image.
Creative Accuracy

Design with creative precision. Take control of your brush bristles and image pixels with new levels of interaction and responsiveness delivered by NVIDIA graphics.

3D Bristle Brush Overlay Pixel Grid
3D Bristle Brush
Preview brush dynamics real time as brush settings are adjusted.
During cropping, image visibility is improved with NVIDIA graphics as overlay lines are presented smoothly.
Pixel Grid
Experience acute responsiveness with NVIDIA graphics while switching between the pixel grid and image.

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