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Laptop Quality and the Quality Laptop: What is Happening Today in the Marketplace.

The human species is an interesting creature. We posses intelligence of unlimited boundaries. It seems that nothing is beyond our grasp. How can it be then that a creature so intelligence can make such bad decisions. It is a basic fact of life that people, you and me, convince ourselves to believe things, that under any other circumstances would have you rolling your eyes and saying "yeah, right. Whatever you say". Its true though, our basic desires for a thing allow us to believe what we want to believe. Case in point, today's technology has produced equipment that has changed our life. So far has this integrated into our day to day lifestyle, that we have convinced ourselves we NEED it. Ok that's just fine in an economy that is healthy. Products compete on quality and then price. However, what happens when the economy tanks. Do you adjust your NEEDS, not usually. This is were clever marketing comes in. Mainstream laptop brands know that their key to surviving is to keep you needing their product. However the recession runs the risk of you reassessing your real needs. So what is the option for the larger companies who need huge amounts of cash flow just to stay alive, if not actually thrive. So, enter low quality, low quality is no stranger to our economy. Every product that has been around long enough to have massive competition has eventually introduced low quality products that could be sold at prices low enough to assure that they would have sales. Before too long, the standard of quality has dropped so low you don't realize that you no longer expect the product to last as long as they use to, or to perform as well as you recall. Within a short period of time the product turns into a throw away product.

The laptop market is now at that point. Just a short ten years ago, a cheap quality laptop was relatively unheard of. Soon though that changed with the introduction of cross production companies. Companies like Uniwill, a cash register company, or OCZ, a maker of cheap RAM, decided to produce cheap copies of laptops. No longer do you assume that your laptop is produced by a high technology firm. Today it is a likely bet your latest laptop and your next laptop will be made by a company that devotes only a small portion of its ability to making laptops. We have seen quality go into a free fall. 12 years ago the main brand laptops all had a return for failure rate around 4 to 5 %. Today, that rate is closer to 20 to 22%. With the drop on quality came the drop in computing speed. That is a surprising statement considering the breakthroughs brands like lintel have made. The sorry fact of the matter is that nobody or any department or ministry exists to make sure your laptop runs anywhere near its potential. A case in point. In the fall of 2008, a long term M-Tech customer had his P3 M-Tech laptop benchmark in a DELL and Toshiba franchise. To the store owners surprise, he had no laptop in his store that could match the M-Tech laptops Pentium 3 results. Was the P3 faster than today's Core 2 Duo CPUs. Absolutely not, the difference was that the quality of the motherboards used by large brands is so low that the superior CPU's cannot perform to the level they were designed to perform to. We could take those CPUs from the DELL and Toshiba and place them in a current M-Tech and you would see a far higher benchmark.
The sad truth is that today the overall quality for major brands is so low you are not getting anywhere near the performance you are paying for. Why does DELL and the others continue to sell laptops of this poor quality? Simple, despite that fact that we should know that cheap prices produce cheap laptops, we allow ourselves to believe that the deal staring us in the face is "different". We tell ourselves "I know the price is too good to be true, but look at the features and look at how drop dead gorgeous the laptop looks. Anything that looks that good has to be just as good inside , right?" If a child was going to make this purchase you would chock up that mentality to lack of wisdom and naivety. However, find yourself in that situation, the clever marketing of these brands makes you want that laptop so bad you convince yourself that you are the exception, this laptop is the exception. Then you get the laptop and within months your complaining about performance and saying , "never again" . Now it gets really sad. Because the advertsing for these brands is so good , they can convince you that the next time will be different. Guess what, it starts all over again.
Occasionally someone walks away from that scenario and says "enough is enough." Those people become M-Tech owners. M-Tech as been around for 15 years. Back about four years ago we saw that the economy was going to make price wars likely and when you get price wars you get the drops in quality. We saw this and decided to take steps to start being the best of the best. It was our belief that within a few years , a brand that really did sell the best would stand alone from the competition. That time has come. When was the last time you went to DELL, Alienware, HP Toshiba etc and saw any emphasis on quality and speed. All you see is what a feature does and how little it costs. They don't step up and tell you their quality is the best nor do they brag abut being faster than anybody else. Why? they have lawyers that's why.
M-Tech is different. We do not use laptop motherboards that demonstrate low quality, we don't toss in the CPU , RAM Etc...and ship it out. We start with the best, fill it up with the best choices in the component market and then we test, then we burn in and test again. Every laptop has to be at the top of what that model is capable of delivering. We find that if you have the highest quality motherboard you also get the fastest laptop and vice verse. Quality produces speed and speed is a indicator of quality. Another key point in the M-Tech brand is that we wont do things that drive up the cost of your laptop but not make the laptop better. What type of costs are these? Things like fancy packaging, great web sites, costly advertsing campaigns etc.. Many people expect to see these things and we have learned to want them as badly as the laptop itself. However, all these things do is make a brand look better but does nothing to make the laptop any better. In fact these things drive the laptops quality down. Marketing is a major cost, a cost you the customer pay. To keep the cost of a laptop under control the mainstream brands have to use lower quality laptops. Do you really want a lower quality laptop so you can have fancy advertsing. What does a logo or website really do for you? We think nothing. We wont make you pay for any if these things. Our money is going into better and faster technology. This point alone make M-Tech stand alone.
So when you buy a M-Tech, not only do you get a laptop that is as fast as possible but the return for failure rate is drastically lower. We know of no other brand that is sold today that you could expect to run for far longer than you expect to use that laptop. Contrast this with what we hear from college students who own M-Tech laptops but theyroom with students who own DELLs. They tell us that each year their roommates at college have another laptop. The DELL could not make it through one whole year . That is sad. Our college students however, take their M-Tech laptop through all four years of school and into the workplace.
The really sad part is that these mainstream brands have their higher cost version laptops. You would assume that you would be getting a better quality laptop if you pay thousands of $$ more. That is not the case. the failure rate for the costly versions of Alienware/DELL and other brands is just as high. That's just not right in our opinion.
The moral, if you think all laptops are the same and all you need to worry about is price, your in for a disappointment. Give M-Tech a try. We know of no other brand laptop that promises not to take any steps to that negatively affects your laptops quality. M-Tech will never fire a shot in the price war. Quality reigns king and it is a peaceful country. Come be a M-Tech family member and share in the extraordinary developments that are available to laptop owners.