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Special Effects - Hollywood Style. Coming soon to an M-Tech computer near you.

NVIDIA RTX: Real-Time Ray Tracing For Games

Ray tracing simulates light, shadowing and other effects to near-perfection, which is why every film and big-budget TV show dedicates massive computational resources to each VFX shot, ensuring graphics blend seamlessly with reality. For over a decade NVIDIA has been at the forefront of this field, developing and accelerated rendering techniques, and assisting film studios with visual effects on the biggest blockbusters.

Now, we are ready to deliver a generational leap in image quality in games, with NVIDIA RTX Technology. Powered by film-quality algorithms and new GameWorks SDK modules, RTX will enable developers to ray trace ambient occlusion effects, area shadows and glossy reflections in their games and engines. In other words, developers can create realistic, film-quality, physically-accurate scenes with lighting, shadows, and reflections that capture the scene around them and account for every variable, immersing you in rich, detailed worlds that feature a level of fidelity you could previously only dream of. 

Introducing GameWorks for Ray Tracing

Learn More about GameWorks Ray Tracing