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Here is a sampling of some of the comments that we receive all of the time regarding our products

Thank you very much! I appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile on my behalf.
Another good reason that my next computer purchase will be from M-Tech. The machine rocks, even in its golden years.

Bruce A. Bishop, Ph.D.

Another great computer from M-tech. This is my 7th laptop over the last 8 years and all of them are still in service!
How many Acer computers I have put in the trash? at least 4 that lasted less than 4 years.

M-Tech rules!

Don Paris Ph.D.

Ok, thanks. Your excellent availability and advice will make it easy for me to recommend your products to others, even if I am not in the immediate market; I am turning 80 in 2 months besides. I still enjoy good technology!
John P. N**** M.D.

This laptop is a fantastic experience in quality.
Richard K.


been using my shiny new laptop for a few weeks now, putting it through its paces.  have installed windows and gentoo linux and the only issue I have had with it is that the charger gets extremely hot when I play games (not a problem as long as i dont accidentally cover it with a blanket while playing games in bed :)I am actually pretty amazed at how long I can go unplugged wth such a small looking battery too! really appreciate the advice and help configuring this, its my best laptop ever :)
Mark M.


I have been using the M-Tech laptop for a few days now and the performance with D
ragon NaturallySpeaking is nothing short of spectacular. It's so quick and accurate it's like a whole new world compared to running the program on other hardware. Thank you so much for your help on that! It's made it much easier for me to work with accuracy and speed.


A completely **UNBELIEVABLE** performance improvement after your tweaks.   My laptop went from "fast"..  to "INSTANT".
Wow... now that the machine you built for me is taking advantage of what you recommended, I can't even tell you how much of a
boost that is in my gaming.. and this is after having the best gaming PC over the last 3.5 years already.   Just crazy.
I cannot believe the performance and reliability of my system.  YOU are the best in the industry, and that's why I've been buying
all my laptops from you since 1999......  thank you so much for what you do.


Ray S


Hi Jerry 
I just measured my Laptop on PassMark and it is now the 3rdd place in the world for Laptops and only 261 points low or .02% behind first place! – I love it! 

I just uploaded it so it is not there yet! 





Hi Jerry.


I just wanted to thank you for all your help with setting up my M-Tech computer after I installed Windows 10. It has been running like a dream – very fast and without lag. And this is all with a 5 1/2-year-old computer. I'm continuing to spread the praise of M-Tech on KB forum and with other people I meet who have RSI (I teach a lot of people in chronic pain and so speech recognition often comes up).


Thanks again,



A Killer Endorsement!

Our 5-year-old desktop computer, you built, is now running Windows 10 1803 patch. This computer still runs like a jet engine;  I'm pretty hard on computers and typically wear them out between 2 and 3 years but by the time I replace even a 3-year-old computer, it's usually in pretty bad shape. This computer is still running like the day I purchased it. At the very least, you would think I probably should have reinstalled the operating system. 

I wanted to thank you for the suggestion, which at the time, was nearly experimental because the chip had just come out. Consider this to be a killer endorsement because I would normally be considering my 3rd replacement by now instead of using the only computer I have ever purchased from M-Tech.
Whenever I previously purchased a new computer, I could usually stuff between 10 and 14 Gb of my favorite programs into the startup folder and typically run my computer for a week at a time; hibernating between sessions. The only trick to hibernating this particular computer is once I hibernate Windows, the computer will attempt to wake up any time within a few seconds to a few hours so if I don't additionally push the power button, wait until the system begins to make a noise and click the power button again. I typically only cold boot once a week. I've never had a computer that could handle this practice for more than 6 months before I eventually had to remove everything from the startup folder to keep the computer stable. In the past, I was able to get away with launching KnowBrainer and Dragon from the startup folder but nothing else so I wrote a command that would start everything else on my computer. I haven't had to do that for now 5 years. I know that part of the credit probably goes to Windows 10 and SSD but I think most of the credit probably goes to M-Tech.

(M-Tech replies:) Well thank you, Lunis Orcutt, for your unsolicited endorsement. Considering how knowledgeable Lunis is, we feel very proud to have Lunis Orcutt of KnowBrainer's confidence.


Because we make our living on our computer, we typically go with a top-of-the-line machine. It takes about 15 Gb of RAM just to launch Windows (with all the programs we may need) which presumably makes us power users but we have been running our current computer for 5 years without notable issues or a corrupted user profile. We leave our computer running for one week at a time and only hibernate between daily use. We suspect we owe our computer stability success to M-Tech (231) 547-5562 who we asked to build us the best computer and we believe they nailed our request. Keep in mind that there are a lot of possible bottlenecks. We requested the best motherboard, best RAM, etc. because we typically push the envelope and minimally have had to previously replace our computer every 2 - 3 years (working about 60 hours per week). We don't get paid to make this endorsement and while we could just be lucky, we believe M-Tech had more to do with our computers durability than luck.

Lunis Orcutt of KnowBrainer


Hi M-Tech-

 Customer owns the D9QFHD

Happy New Year to you!   I *love* *love* *love* my new laptop- it does all you said it would. and more.  It's amazing.   

Also wanted to set up a time to optimize my machine- so we get all the background data running on the memory chip the way you told me.  Please let me know when that is possible.  I'm 3 hours ahead of you- so 4-5pm your time works great for me.

By the way- just for some extra to put in your pipe and smoke...

I was comparing monitors at the local tech store-  (the two above)

They have them set up on dell machines (towers) with the nvidi a 1070.  

Running the "heaven" benchmark program-  the 1070 card low end, on a tower, was in the 22-24fps range.

My laptop- running a Nvidia 1060- the low end on the same benchmark is never below 32.. a full 30% better.


Ray Shindledecker


Excellent customer service even in the pre-purchase stage, bravo Jerry and MTech. Thank you very much.




A man calls and asks to speak with a M-Tech Technical Adviser. He says he wants to buy the D9F and have it outfitted with the biggest and fastest of everything. The analyst says, "Slow down; that may cost you more than necessary." The customer replies, "No, you don't understand. I own a $5500 M17X Alienware laptop. I thought spending over
$5K would guarantee that I had the fastest laptop made, and I had no doubt that I owned the best laptop for gaming. Then my friend came over to show me his new M-Tech ML9000. It cleaned my clock! My Alienware couldn't keep up. What hurt the worst is that he tells me this was just an entry-level laptop from M-Tech. It only cost him $1200."The customer goes on to say "I did some research and found out that the only way to beat an M-Tech laptop is with another M-Tech laptop. My research shows the M-Tech D9F is the fastest laptop in the world and nothing and nobody beats it. I NEED IT!"


We used your Laptops for the Banking Network jobs we had a few years ago. I like Asus Motherboards but their laptops were kind of cheesy, quality wise. We would put yours next to the Asus and said: "See the difference?" ... in return for telling everyone that your the best, all I want is that you keep BEING the best, LOL. That's all. Have a good day. 

Rick D.


True story, January 15, 2010, a customer calls and wants to order a MTECH D9F. The reason? He was getting together with his friend to do some gaming. His friend shows up with a mid-range M-Tech ML9000, laptop and proceeds to run circles around the customers cherished $5000 Alienware M17. The ML9000 likely cost no more than $1200. "Can't have this now can we?" says the customer...who is now a proud new owner of a MTECH D9F, the fastest, most powerful laptop in the world.
Good morning,
Just wanted to let you both know how pleased I am with the laptop. I knew I had received something special while I was going through the unpacking process. I don't think I have ever encountered a better-packed piece of equipment before. Everything your company says at it's web site about its laptops is absolutely true. I am very pleased and I thank you both for your great service.

Chris K.

Dear M-Tech,
Hi, this is my second laptop from your company, and likewise, it just survived its own tour of duty in Iraq during my second deployment like its predecessor; to my surprise, its held up well.

The new laptop is simply amazing, it runs better than expected & even keeps up with my game requirements.
Jesse T.


MTECH D900C vs. Clevo and Compal
I'm writing this post to offer information regarding a small laptop vendor that I have recently been dealing with to purchase a custom laptop. The company is named M-Tech and they supply rebranded Clevo and Compal laptops. This, in itself, is not distinctive since there are several vendors where you can buy Clevo and Compal machines from. However, I have found M-Tech's customer service to be unmatched by any company I've ever purchased equipment from. Here's how my experience went:

I called up M-Tech one morning to discuss purchasing a laptop, but that I had some special requirements. A person actually answered the phone, not a machine, and she redirected my to Jerry, a sales/technical guy. I told Jerry that I'd purchased a laptop about a year ago from Sager and I couldn't get it to run some scientific computations. I asked him if there was anything newer that had come out that might work for me. He started asking some questions, then started explaining some tech stuff to me (CPU cache, RAM latency, RAID0, etc.). He was convinced with some upgrades, the D900C, it would work for my purposes. We spent about 2 hours talking. They worked like a charm and my D900C now runs the computations.

Based on my positive initial experience with them, I contacted M-Tech again about a week later to spec out a 15" laptop that might run my computations. There are no 15" laptops that can fully match the D900C, so I wasn't too sure that I could find something for my purposes. M-Tech offered to run some tests on their top 15", the M860TU. So I packaged up my software and mailed them a set of DVDs so they could test the computations on it before I actually made a purchase. They successfully ran the tests the day they got the DVDs. I'll be purchasing the M860TU from M-Tech in a couple of days.

The most important thing that they offer is advice about not throwing money on hardware that you don't actually need. They'll talk to you about your particular requirements and recommend a configuration for your specific needs.

By the way, check out their website. It's probably the worst website I've ever seen - which may make some people nervous. But keep in mind what you're not paying for with them - website development and marketing. I won't be buying any more Dells or Alienware's. Check out their websites - they're fantastic. But guess who's paying for that fancy website: you. And all those TV advertisements? You're paying for those, too.

Also, I've done some price comparisons between getting a Clevo from M-Tech vs. some of the other Clevo rebranders and the prices are virtually identical. And when you factor in that M-Tech may keep you from wasting extra money on useless hardware, you might actually save a bunch of money with M-Tech. For anyone getting ready to purchase a top quality laptop, I'd recommend at least giving M-Tech a call.

And no, I'm not an employee or in any way affiliated with M-Tech. I'm just a disgruntled HP and Dell former laptop owner and have grown sick of the poor customer service from those companies and was ecstatic to finally find a company that has knowledgeable technical service.

Here is some big news, Starting December 2008 the Yamaha Corporation will be using M-Tech Laptops to run all of its professional quality music and video editing equipment when on display at any trade shows. (M-Tech News Release November 2008) If the Yamaha corporation trusts M-Tech to handle it's high end editing equipment, maybe you could to!

Hello jerry,
got the laptop today...this thing is completely off the's the fastest laptop in the world for joke...

thanks for the excellent and kind support

this machine will bring hours of free relax-time into my life...might even quit smoking, not enough time to light a cigarette watching the blue percentage line... woooosh...

smile, Uli (MTECH D900C)

Hi, I have an Alienware Area-51 m7700 laptop that I bought in Jan. of 2006. I know I know, I didn't know about M-Tech until a few months later, and by then it was too late. But I'm now running into heating problems, mainly with the video card. Never again will I buy Alienware. I even ran into some hardware issues which took 2 months to iron out, and I had to email the president directly. Sooo. .... I was wondering, do you guys do trade-ups? I'm very impressed with the m-tech laptop specs, and I haven't been able to sell my m7700 at a decent price. I bought it for $3000+ and now I can't seem to find anyone interested even for $800!!! Anyways, I'm sure it's pretty silly, but I thought I would try.

Best regards Fairfax, VA

I still have to say I love this box. By the way the BIOS upgrade 9191_07 you supplied back in January runs great and did support Intel Virtualization: I'm now running 64 bit VMW are guests without problems. Who would believe a laptop could run a Vista 64 host with VMW are guest machines running Solaris 10, XP Pro, and W2K3 Server simultaneously with good response on all. This is a consultant's dream machine.

Best Regards, Walt

It is my honor to write this for you.

I am a PC gamer who is very particular about the tools I use. I am not into state of the art for the purpose of bragging rights or with the intent to squeeze the last frame out of my hardware. I have built most of my own PCs with specific select components which give the most performance for the best value. As a member of the military going on my second combat tour, I found it very important to find the best desktop replacement laptop capable of meeting my performance goals. As is well known most laptop computers cannot compete with the best desktop PCs out there. But let me say this, with the advent of the mobile 8800 GTX video card in either single or SLI mode and the Intel Quad Core Extreme X6800 CPU at 2.93 GHz, there is no laptop out there with the capability and performance of the M-TECH 900c. a price $100s of dollars lower then the closest competition out there. I spent 2 weeks researching laptop manufactures with rigs having the 8700 or 8800 video cards, Quad Core CPUs, 7.1 Surround Sound, 4 gigs of ram, oh yeah and a 1920x1200 WUXGA screen. Not a whole lot out there. M-Tech won hands down.

OK, How about some negatives? If you are a person who likes all the pretty bells, whistles, and bright LED lights flashing all over name brands and alien shaped logos, well sorry...M-Tech is a simple sleek rig with minimal embellishments.

This thing weighs over 12 pounds. What do you want with all this power? You can't get 500 HP from a Honda Civic with out increasing it's weight a little.

Battery life. Bluntly put...all this horsepower consumes power! This is not one of those laptops where you sit under the old oak tree in the field on a beautiful day doing your homework. Nope, this laptop battery lasts less then an hour and better serves as a built in UPS on steroids.

A positive note...Upgradeability! Get tired of what's under the hood some day; upgrade. Couldn't afford to buy all the best parts you wanted when you first purchased it; Upgrade. Some new technology comes out you must have, like Blu-Ray; Upgrade.

And it wouldn't be far to not go with out mentioning the great people who work at M-Tech. Wow!! For me, an opportunity to laugh or smile every day is never turned down. These great folks gave me that opportunity. I asked them "Is this better or that in your rig?" and (being a rather computer educated individual) they didn't steer me wrong.

I can only say that the M-Tech 900c is one kick butt laptop. Ow. Running Crysis at 1440x900 on VERY high graphics, ain't a bad thing either!!

David Harvey

Thanks for making the effort of the quick reply and also picking up the e-mail from the wrong address. These are some of the reasons why this is the second time I have ordered from M-tech:

I was surfing the web for a laptop with high performance, I usually go to Alienware, but I decided they were a little overpriced. eventua lly I found a link to your website. I started to customize the laptop I wanted and found I got A LOT more for less

1/23/08 2:32 PM M-Tech provided me with outstanding personal service during the ordering process for our new laptop. In addition, and something I have never before experienced in dealing with a computer seller, I was able to call M-Tech, have someone immediately answer the phone, and talk me thru the myriad technology options available for laptops on their website. I am the IT buyer for a medium size corporation and have purchased dozens of computers over the last 15 years. Without specifically naming competitors of M-Tech I have, without exception, only experienced extreme frustration both in the ordering process and in follow up and support. This is our second purchase from M-Tech and, as I told their rep after the outstanding service I was provided, we will not purchase from any other company. Finally, M-Tech laptops, in my brief (so far) experience, are rock solid - again, not something to be said about the 'Name Brand' competitors.

1/22/08 10:07 AM This is the second laptop I have ordered from M-Tech. I got one in December for my oldest son and we have been so impressed that we decided to get another one. It runs all the games we have and is very sturdy. We play several MMORPG's and wireless internet connectivity is excellent. It was easy to order, was delivered on time and has not had any problems. I would highly recommend M-Tech to anyone that is looking for a quality laptop gaming computer that is reasonably priced. (M5700)

1/16/08 7:41 AM The ordering was very easy via the internet. I received immediate responses via emails and was notified of the prompt shipment. The products performed as advertised and actually were better quality than I had expected. The customer service was helpful and I would definitely buy from them again in the future.

12/5/07 10:21 PM This is the second laptop that I have ordered from M-Tech. During the process of selecting the best model and options, I have contacted M-Tech on 3 separate occasions over a 6 week period. All questions were professionally answered and the advice has been sound. For my model and options the pricing was very competitive (another reason I'm a returning customer).

Hey there,

I just want to say thanks, and that I absolutely love my new laptop! So far this is the best laptop I've ever owned! And I want to especially thank the guy who helped me on the west coast office, he was really awesome and very nice!

Thanks again!

Thank you for your expert guidance. This has been my first positive experience in buying hardware where I learned a great deal within a short period of time. Thank you!

Tom S.

AWESOME news! I appreciate the help you and the rest of M-tech have provided. Especially Lori as well. Seriously I do thank you guys. It's honestly the best Customer Service I've seen.

IT2 Mitchel C

Your sale rep was very helpful with my questions. Please, give him my many thanks.

Jody E T.
Liberty, MO

Just a quick note. I received my 570U laptop this week and I have to tell you this thing rocks. First, I've used Dells, Gateways, and HPs and have owned 2 different Toshibas over the last 12 years and those guys should be ashamed. This system came with no OS (customer ordered it this way) and within 1-1/2 hours I had the operating system loaded with all the drivers installed without so much as a hick-up. Even the wireless network found and configured itself. I was blown away. The last Dell I re-built took the better part of a day to load everything and I still wasn?t convinced it was working correctly. All those guys are out to do is sell you service contracts and virus protection. I am in the process of installing my apps and again haven't run into so much as a read error. I had a crowd gathering in my office when I brought this puppy in. Thanks again for all the help selecting the right system.

Greg A.
Richardson, Texas

Please go to this website- to find a large assortment of superior quality laptops that will fit your needs. I did, and I could not be happier with the laptop I bought from them. It is a desktop replacement, and is ten times better than anything Dell or Gateway can come up with. You will be happy that you did! I am a customer of Mtech laptops, and have been so for 4 years. They are the best value you can find anywhere. Dell or Gateway can't even come close. Good luck to you.

I really think you guys should advertise because I think you guys sell great laptops. I bought a laptop from you guys about three years ago. It works great. I still love my laptop. I also told my friend about your website and convinced him to buy a laptop from you guys. He had a for a year and he's also in love with it. I'm not sure if you guys already know this already, but you guys should advertise more. I was lucky to found a link to your website when I was searching for a performance laptop and great deal.
Michael Chu

"Super. My boss (Chris Thompson) just got his new laptop from you guys. He?s busy testing it out and ooohing and awwwwing right beside me. ?Customer service rules blah blah blah? ?2 GB RAM blah blah bla h?.I used to totally kick his #@* in Battlefield 2 when he was using his crappy desktop system. Today he totally wiped the floor with me. The improved framerates and all that power now allow him to clean my clock almost every round, The king is dead! Long live the king! The new king is M-Tech. p.s. I did headknife him in the last round we played so I guess I have that going for me"

Hey jerry!
Thank you again for the best computer experience I ever had! I could have never imagined that a pc company, specially coming from a Mac would be so straight forward & honest. the best customer service, it's just as if you had a brother working on the inside!!!! no B.S.

I can't wait for my laptop to arrive!!!!!
Re Leonardo

I just wanted to send you an e-mail regarding what important steps your company takes to help prevent Credit Card and Identity theft.
Being that I am now a victim of Credit Card theft, I would just like to thank you for the things that you guys do to try to prevent these thieves from taking personal Credit Card information. I also would like to tell your customers- past, present, and future, that M-TECH does a great service to it's customers when they purchase a laptop from you by ensuring that they will be protected from Credit Card theft.
I am sure that there are many customers of yours that may feel a little annoyed by having to go through so much security to make sure their orders are processed and their information is kept secret. Please tell them that they really should be VERY glad that M-TECH is taking the necessary steps to prevent thieves from stealing their Credit Card information. I know this all too well, because my Card information recently stolen, how I do not know. These Credit Card thieves went on a shopping spree with my Visa card. It angers me that those other retailers out there do not even bother to try to prevent this sort of thing from happening. It is as it they don't care what happens. Those retailers do not have any sort of measures to stop this type of theft from happening. It makes me wonder why they are so negligent and irresponsible. Credit Card theft is a very serious issue right now, and it is spreading at a fast rate. No one knows this better than me, because now I am a victim.
I am glad that you guys at M-TECH are doing all the right things to prevent and stop this type of theft from happening to it's customers. M-TECH customers can feel safe that when they use their Credit Card, they will be safe during the purchase process. I really wish more retailers out there were like M-TECH. If they were, I know that we would feel a whole lot safer when we used our Visa or MasterCard credit cards when buying anything.
Keep up the good work!
Kevin Portland, Ore

Orlando, I wanted to say thank you for responding so timely to my e-mails. The laptop is amazing! I apologize for stressing over whether it would get to me in time. I couldn't order it any sooner and I needed it to go out of town the day after I received it. Thank you again for your help. You all have done an amazing job on this order; I haven't even had it 24 hours and I am well pleased.
Thanks, Joseph D

I love my D470K, so I'm looking forward to someday owning a D900K,
-Derek Derek S Research Scientist University of Wyoming

I want to say that I bought a laptop from you in the summer of 2000. It ran like a champ and is still kicking some serious butt,
Thanks, Josh

Thank you. We received the laptop which is for my boss, and I'm setting it up now. It's an outstanding machine, and as soon as I get some money together I'll be ordering one from you guys for myself. I'm very impressed with your service and quality.
Thanks, Kyle A. W Empire Die Casting Co., Inc.

Jerry, THANK YOU for your help when I so urgently needed it...
Scott D

Dear All, I did receive the laptop and it's great. Just a quick "thank you" to you all.
Regards, A.H.H.

I just want to say thanks so much on the laptop I purchase 900t. It has been a tremendous help, as I have been traveling in the US for some chains of supermarkets I picked up.... they all loved the machine and has been amazing for my presentations, and food shows as well.... a real eye opener...
Regards, Franco S

Great! Thanks for your excellent service.
John Lyon-S

Thanks again. You have been extremely helpful. It's great to know there is still great customer service today. I will let you know as soon as my laptop arrives. Thank you, thank you, thank you ..
Angela M

by the way thank you for your help in configuring the's wonderful...I love it....the only problem is it's become my husband' I need to get one for myself!

Good Morning Jerry, Thank you for your reply you are so awesome you have been a real help....thanks again for getting back to me because of people like you I bet your company has the best customer service. ...
 most biggest Fan ~Robert B****~

Orlando, Great Job. Pleasure dealing with you. Thanks.
- Jeremy

I'm just sending this mail to tell you guys that I've received my laptop 2 days ago and that it was a pleasure doing business with you guys.
Greetings Ramin

Hello Jerry & Orlando: I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to sincerely thank both of you for the wonderful customer service and help you provided me throughout the entire process - it was amazing! On top of that, I am extremely pleased with the quality of the laptop I received.
Thanks for everything! (MTECH M550G)

Hey Orlando, this is AJ again, I got my laptop today and I am ecstatic. Thanks for all of your help - I am extremely impressed by your customer service. - it is truly appreciated. I have referred many people to M-Tech because of the level of service that I have received.

Hi Jerry, Some feedback on the D900T. I love it. Thanks again for everything.

Orlando I have received my laptop and I have to tell you that I am impressed. I'd like to thank you for the support with the pain in the $%^ that it was trying to communicate to each other half way across the world. Thank you.

As per our phone conversation, I am letting you know of my utmost recommendations for this laptop- the MTECH 8588x. I love this laptop for many reasons:

1)  It does everything you said it would and more.

2)  Its quality construction is second to none. I have owned many laptops over the last 5 years.  I have owned DELL, and Gateway. Neither of those two companies has built anything close to what MTECH does. I have owned 3 DELL laptops, and a Gateway laptop in the past, and neither one was particularly well-built at all.  In fact, my experience with both computers were very unsatisfactory. Both laptops were cheaply and feebly constructed, in my opinion. In fact, all of my DELL and Gateway laptops required many repairs to be fixed. I would say most definitely that neither company, nor their laptop products, can even hold a candle to what MTECH sells.

3)  You really get a lot for you dollar when you buy an M-TECH product. I was astonished and amazed beyond words when I saw that you can get so much in a laptop from M-TECH.  Things that you can find in this MTECH 8588x laptop, you simply cannot find anywhere else- especially DELL and Gateway.

4)  These things include a TV tuner card for watching and recording cable programs. That feature simply cannot be found anywhere on any laptop that DELL and Gateway makes! I asked DELL about including this feature in their upcoming product lines, and they said that having a TV tuner card in their laptop product was not possible! The ability to make my own laptop into a TIVO recorder is genuinely fabulous!

5)  For all you get- a 16' screen, a powerful processor, 512 mgs of ram, a TV tuner card, a large keyboard- which includes a numeric keypad, a detachable BUILT-IN MP3 player, and 4 USB II ports, and a DVD/CDR drive- all for under $2,000 dollars!!!!!

This product is far superior to anything DELL and Gateway can sell if they could sell something like this in the first place. The fact is, they can't! This MTECH 8588x laptop is the best I have owned, and it is the best that money can buy, without costing a lot of money to get it. Take it from someone who was a former customer of both DELL and Gateway, simply put, DELL and Gateway cannot even come close to matching the product,
the quality, nor the price!!


Kevin  L. Hawkins
Gladstone, Ore

George S I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how pleased I am with my new D900T laptop! Orlando was my assigned technician. He answered the phone on the first ring every time and helped answer all of my questions. I would recommend your computers to anyone (and have!). I have had zero problems and will definitely purchase from you again in the future! Thanks again for great service and a great product!
Chris G Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Words just can't describe this machine it is absolutely the best notebook or desktop I have ever come across and for the price can't beat it. the months of web searching and research was absolutely worth it. forget Alienware, voodoo, sager, hypersonic all of these cannot give you what you get in terms of quality product and price and features, MTECH machines have separated themselves from everyone else by leaps and bounds.
 thanks again, Philly

 I just realized I never send you a thank you for getting my laptop to me on time (back on March 15th) ....and also wanted to thank you for the great product you delivered. I hope by now you have sold at least one laptop based on my recommendation....cause I brag about you all to everyone. The system is flawless and performs better than anything I have seen. Keep up the good work!

You guys just rock! Thanks so much, Charles.
Best Regards, M. O'Bryan

Just thought I'd let you know that the machine arrived, is settled in to my network and working well (the performance is outstanding !). I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this system. It absolutely rocks.
I'm also willing to do a review of the unit that you could post on your website, sort of a customer testimonial , if you'd like. You've done me an outstanding favor with this unit, and I'd like to return the favor. The thermal design of this unit is simply outstanding, and the design and engineering that went into it is pure genius. I'd like to convey to anyone who is interested in a DTR laptop that this is simply an outstanding unit, and the OOBE couldn't be better. I can't think of a single computer geek that wouldn't drool all over this laptop. I had tissues handy when I put mine together and ran my benchmarks just in case. I ended up needing them...the drool definitely wouldn't have been covered :) Thank goodness my jaw didn't completely fall off of my face. These notebooks have a lot of advantages that Dells and HPs don't...the primary advantage being the RAID capability. Not having two drives in these is nearly criminal....for a CAD/3D Modeler/Graphics Workstation, RAID 1 is the only way to go for fault tolerance, and RAID 0 adds a great "feel" of speed. Benchmarks don't always reveal the advantage of RAID 0 over a single fast drive, but when you use a system with RAID and one without, you can really tell the difference.
 If you don't already, you should have one of these on your own personal desk with dual SATAs :)
Wishing you the best, Martha O'B

I have been very pleased with all of you at MTECH. From the very first time I spoke with Jerry at pre-sales, I felt that his interest was to guide me to the best choices for my needs in buying a laptop, unlike the people at HP who, when I called their sales dept. for information on their laptops, told me to call me back when I knew what I wanted. Well, I didn't! I tried calling Toshiba, for their Satellite model, but I always had to leave a message and they made me feel that I was speaking to God himself. Their prices were $500 dollars more for a comparable unit and they charge taxes on sales over the internet. The prices on Alienware, were so high I though only scientist at Area 51 could afford them. All in all I'm happy with my new 900 series M-tech and specially the customer service they gave me. The computer is beautiful and fast like they claim on their web-site. It took me a month in research to make the right decision, but in doing so I found out that The best guys are not necessarily the biggest ones in the market.
Thank you M-Tech! Richard M Las Vegas 

Eric, Got it! Very very nice machine. I like how the OS comes clean, with no nasty additions like AOL. Very nice. Amazingly fast system... Lovin it ..

Posted - 03/11/2005 : 11:55:55 PM This is a post from NOTEBOOK REVIEWS .COM quote: [I]Originally posted by frostedegg[/I] [br]Has anyone heard of this company Mtech?? I know they are just one of the million other companies to sell laptops, but the price seems less than that of alienware/voodoo (probably cause it doesnt have the retarded paint job). is the link to their website. Please let me know if anyone has had any luck with this company. Thanks

YES! the d900t is for real! I have one with 2 60 gigs 7200rpm raid0-2 gig ram WUXGA screen. Wonderful Had AlienwareArea51m-it died in less than 2 years. Get XP Pro OS, Home came on it for some reason...bad support & order support is wonderful...had custom configured computer same week I ordered it!!! You can't go wrong & it's not heavy, considering how fast it is...everyone is wowed by the screen!

"I received my M-Tech D900T last night and it is AWESOME! I consider myself something of a cutting-edge techno-junkie. I am a die-hard gamer and I play all of the latest titles like UT2004, FarCry, Half Life 2, and World of Warcraft, so naturally my number one requirement with any system I buy is pure all out speed. This system was all that and more! The Serial ATA hard drive, coupled with the gig of DDR2 RAM and the GeForce 6800 Go video made for a smoking gaming rig! I go to LAN parties all the time, and naturally, that's the place where this baby shines! Other guys have to carry in their towers, monitors, keyboards, mice, etc. and I only carry my one bag with enough power to blow all of them out of the room! This system is the gamer's laptop for sure. If you don't believe me, look me up in UT2004 online as *HAMMER*, and I'll show you what a motivated geek with a powerful system can do! Thanks fellaz for offering a supreme gaming rig at an outstanding price! I found a site comparing Laptop performance, and the Sager Go6800 model scored just below mine with a P4 3.6! (mine is a P4 3.0) I'm real happy with the performance of this thing.
Robert F, MCSE Network Engineer, Perot Sys. USCG Electronic Systems Support Unit

Words just can't describe this machine it is absolutely the best notebook or desktop I have ever come across and for the price can't beat it. the months of web searching and research was absolutely worth it. forget Alienware, voodoo, sager, hypersonic all of these cannot give you what you get in terms of quality product and price and features, MTECH machines have separated themselves from everyone else by leaps and bounds.
Thanks again, Philly

Fabulous, Jerry. Thanks very much for your quick response and staying on top of it for me. Very much appreciated (and when I write my 'sayonara' letter to Alienware, I will let them know that there are some companies out there who *do* know how to respond to customers). Your the man, thanks a million! I hope to do lots of business in the future with you guys
HI Guys! I've had my laptop for a few months now and it's terrific! When I set my laptop up at a client's office, they want to see it before they see the website I've created for them. Some have called it "awesome" and I agree. Thanks for making a great computer for me!
Patty L

BOY I love this computer, the best fastest one and the whole experience was the BEST fast honest and wonderful Thanks 

Hello, this is Joseph G********, I recently ordered a laptop through you all and received it today. I must first say how pleased I ma with the speed in which it got here :) Oh, by the way, when I took my laptop to the Network admins they about s&*% their pants when they saw it, you could tell they were envious : ) They kept asking me where I bought that laptop from, don't worry I put M-Techs name and website out there on campus, so you might be getting some referrals from me. Thx a bunch bro, and I will keep in touch.

Gentlemen: The D900T computer has arrived as promised! ... You have followed through on every are my heroes! Have a Wonderful day.....I'm telling everyone about YOU!
JohnRobertWilliams Commercial Photography, Inc.

Hi, guys. I'm in love with my laptop. It SO rocks! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product at an absolutely amazing price! You RULE!
Cyndi P

My name is Kevin and I purchased a quality laptop from your company... it was one of the first ones I guess... and I just want to say everything is great and I just wanted to thank you guys for the great laptop, it is worth every cent. Thanks for all the new info. Yes, I would be more than happy to have the better SXGA+ screen AND to have the price drop. I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I can see why the testimonials that I read are so favorable to M-Tech. I hope to be able to write a similar one when my machine arrives.
Thanks, Ralph M. Attorney at Law

Thanks! M-Tech has excellent service. Pat

Hi guys: I received the laptop promptly as promised. It runs smoothly and looks great. I love it Thang M Ly

I love you guys and hate Dell
James Barr

I have my laptop now and I'm absolutely wonderfully pleased with it, and I've only been tinkering with it for about an hour. Thanks to everyone at MTECH for being so patient with me, polite, and attentive. Thanks again for everything, and for a wonderful piece of equipment!
-Dustin Herlich

Thank you again for your help and hopefully when I return from here in Kuwait I will be able to enjoy a wonderful M-Tech laptop.
-Kenneth Edel
(P.S. Give the people who sent one of your laptops to PC-Mobile magazine for review a hearty pat on the back, I have been researching laptops for about 3 weeks before I came across PC-Mobile. Since last Wed, when I made the order, I have still been searching to see if I could have gotten a better deal and so far I am positive that no one can. Thank you again and your PR dept, or tech people, for the great service so far.)

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you also very much for the prompt and friendly service. BIG difference between you guys and Dell, who I bought my last machine from.
Thanks again, Dustin

I received my laptop and it is an awesome machine! - Titan

Hi, guys I just wanted to let you know my laptop arrived Friday afternoon and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so very much for all of your hard work in getting it to me despite the communication difficulties we all encountered. It is truly a sight to behold and I will have no qualms whatsoever recommending M-Tech Laptops to others. Many hundred thank you for the many hundred dollars I saved by choosing M-Tech. You RULE!
Sincerely, Cyndi Pitts

Wow - you're quick. THANK YOU!

 I know I have an assigned representative. Which is why I TRULY appreciate every second you spend essentially doing someone else's job. Working with people as attentive, prompt, and knowledgeable as you makes parting with almost $2500 (gulp) less scary. Believe me, $2500 is a LOT of money to me. Nonetheless, my decision to buy from M-Tech rather than Sager wasn't about saving a few hundred dollars. My decision certainly was not based upon the aesthetics of the M-Tech website - which could seriously use a facelift, btw. (No offense meant to anyone.) No, I didn't impulsively decide to give $2500 to M-Tech. It wasn't even the Midwestern work ethic I came from and hoped to share with M-Tech since the corporate office is there. In fact, giving my business to M-Tech wasn't even due to the 2 business day production tout - which if true is AWESOME. Nope, none of those swayed me. My final decision to buy from M-Tech was because of YOU, man. The time you took explaining things to me. And now look at you, taking care of e-mails that aren't even assigned to you!
So... If there is someone I can contact to put in a good word for you, I very much would like their contact information. Seriously. Give it to me. You deserve it. Thank you again for all of your help!

Per your advice I will wai t for my rep to give me the answer to my ultimate question: WHEN WILL IT ARRIVE. Until then, I'm singing your praises. Several of my colleagues and I have used M-Tech's for the last several years for our research and development work. They're absolutely amazing and we wouldn't buy anything else.
Dr. Mark Bannatyne Acting Chair CGT Department, Purdue University

Good Morning, Did you know the tray that holds the CD while in the extended position will NOT support a 30 lb. child? This drive still functions as designed. (M-Tech ads: Please kids, do not try this at home.)

I still have my P3 600 8500P, I have loved that machine and it has seen three HDDs run completely into the ground. I have especially loved the fact that the MTECH laptops are truly desktop replacements.

I recently purchased the J243 laptop...I love it, Thanks for your help. Jonathan Light

I have bought few weeks ago a computer from your company and I'm really satisfy about the product ( customer : InCypher S.A. at Luxembourg).

I recently purchased a D470W laptop, and have had great performance from it so far.

Dear Sirs: I recently purchased an MTECH J75 laptop computer and I do like everything about it especially the performance Thank you M-Tech for all of your hard work. Please continue to provide the best notebook solutions on the Internet.
Phillip A. Edwards

 I had purchased a laptop from you a little over a year ago, and it has treated me awesome!
Thanks, Garrett Dressler

Thanks so much for the discussion and assistance in making my choice. You were above and beyond "helpful". L. Pugh

Thank you for your great support! Paul Barth

M-TECH 8588
I love it and have recommended you to anyone I knew wanting to buy a laptop. (M-TECH 8588) Kenneth Taylor -

M-TECH 8588
As you know, I had been to hell-and-back with Dell Computers. I found M-Tech and was delighted with the customer service right from the start. So I decided to buy an 8588 Laptop; I wanted to see for myself whether or not your products could live up to all the hype. And the result? The M-Tech is everything I had hoped it would be, and more! From the moment I took my 8588 out of the box, I knew I had made the right decision. Sure, it's a big machine, but it is also a work of art that blasts through everything I've thrown at it. It is clear that whoever designed this machine did so with a careful eye to both form and function -- a rarity that is worth it's weight in gold. (Think "Lexus" and "BMW".) In the final analysis, my Dell was a mediocre product that I paid a premium for. My M-Tech is a superior product and an incredible value.
Keep up the good work. - Marc Dorfman President, Dorfman Heavy Industries

(Webmaster notes: The above comment is the follow up to the customer comment posted immediately below this.)
 I see no reason to delay my purchase! I don't quite remember how I found M-TECH, but so far, I am very glad I did. I recently had the most hellish experience with Dell. Finally had to sue to get some help. And there I was, just about ready to throw-in the proverbial "Laptop Towel", when I stumbled upon you folks. Of course, I have no idea whether your products are worth their salt, but I plan on making a purchase to find out. I trust you. And I tend to buy from people I trust. I will review my needs, and proceed accordingly.
- Marc Dorfman President, Dorfman Heavy Industries

M-TECH 5600
First let me say that I have purchased an M-TECH Laptop before and I loved it more than any laptop I have ever seen or owned - I think your product is without competition.
Trevor Lango

I would like to say that I am extremely happy with my new laptop from M-TECH. The help that I received in choosing and ordering my J15 was first class. Jerry was a huge help by going through many of the different options available on many of the different laptops until we figured out which one was best for me. Once that decision was made, Jerry walked me through the ordering process very professionally. I will definitely buy from M-TECH again, and will also recommend them to my colleagues.
Thanks again Trevor Molinski Canada

Thank you for making a wonderful DeskNote computer, it has been with me since the first day of college, and I will never buy anything different.
Thank you for your time, Paul A Tremblay

 I just received my M-TECH laptop this morning, and already I can't tell you enough how much I love it! You guys really had us Power Users in mind when you designed that bad boy! Spoke with John today and he was a very big help to me. Sometimes its nice to hear when someone did a great job and helped close a sale like John did. I just brought the biggest badest one you sell thanks for having great people working there. Thanks for the considerate attention given, and the expert advice. I sincerely appreciate it.

M-TECH 8588
M-TECH, This is by far the best laptop I have ever used, bought, or seen! I am a software developer and have used Compaq, Dell, and Toshiba laptops in the past. Three years ago I purchased an M-TECH laptop and loved it. It was then that I knew I would never buy any laptop unless it was an M-TECH. Last year I bought one for my administrative assistant and she loves it. I recently purchased an 8588 unit from you and I am so impressed that I had to send you a thank you.

M-TECH 8588
This unit has inspired several of my colleagues to also purchase from you ( I?m sure you?ve seen the orders coming through). In fact, every developer that was on my last project has an M-TECH 8588. I get asked at least two or three times a week where I got my laptop. Keep up the good work.

M-TECH 5600
I recently received my shiny new M-TECH laptop. It's a 5600 with a 2.8 GHz CPU and a Mobility 9000. The pictures on your website don't do it justic e .Nice solid feel. Top quality build. I was the customer that had asked about heat and noise coming from the unit. I was worried that it may be too much, but I have an Inspiron from Dell, and the noise and heat are nearly the same. So I'm a happy camper. And I don't find the unit nearly as bulky and heavy as some of the reviews had indicated. It's the same as every other full size laptop I've ever used, just faster. And I am VERY happy with the UXGA screen. ATI's font smoothing technology makes it really easy to read off of. It was well worth the small upgrade price. I have had my laptop for a year and a half and love it.

WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This laptop is a perfect 10.......everyone here is in love with this thing!!!!! We are going to try to sell them to our clients, if you have brochures or e-mails on this product - do forward to my office. Thank you!
VP - Engineering Director CPS Bureau, Inc.

Well, thanks for all your efforts though. You are right on the money though, and you run a **** fine laptop business - that's for sure. I get to say with pride that I have a 2 GHz laptop that runs circles around some servers (I ran some tests, just like fast car racing for dorks) and it all works well. I just thought I would ask, so thanks, and keep up the good work. If I had bought through Dell, I would have had to spend probably $700 more! Thanks again.
Cheers Chris

3rd Mtech Laptop purchase :) You guys rock! James Barr

Dear Jerry, I wanted to thank you in writing for all the amazing help you gave me over the phone in deciding on a laptop. You must have provided a total of at least 2 hours over the past couple of weeks in answering all the questions I had. Your patience, intelligence, broad knowledge, clarity, objectivity, non-pushiness and friendliness were gifts to me during a stressful time of decision-making. You are a gifted teacher -- I was amazed at how you used clear metaphors to describe complex techie concepts like RAM and Cache. And I really felt that you truly love the company and the laptops, so I got a sense of integrity and trust-worthiness that I didn't get from any of the other companies I looked at. I did a VERY thorough survey of all the other general consumer laptops that are out there, comparing specifications and price. It is clear to me that nothing compares to M-TECH in terms of bang-for-the-buck. However, there were some runner-ups in my decision-making, and YOU definitely made the difference for me. Thanks for being such a great help and teaching me so much!
Best wishes, Darius Kaufmann
P.S. I'm telling all my friends about M-TECH!

Thanks to all your staff for absolutely fantastic presale guidance and support. I particularly benefited by Jerry's ability to lay many technical details on the table as most of my inquiry was very tech based. Job Well Done!

I want to thank you for your outstanding help and spending time with me in picking my new laptop. Buying a new computer is always an adventure. Picking a unit that will meet needs both present and future is a challenge. As a consumer that replaces computers every 1-1.5 years it is often a daunting task to pick a product that will fit within a budget but accomplish what I want it too and more. Your advice was invaluable and input appreciated. I only hope the laptop and its' service live up to the fine example you set in representing your company. I can't wait to put it through its' paces.

M-TECH 8100
Just wanted to let you know that you have an extraordinary employee in Emily. She has been kind, and attentive, and downright friendly... Mind you, most of this was handled entirely through e-mail, but Emily's responses were always very quick, usually within minutes, and she tried (and succeeded) to make the sale happen. Emily was wonderfully pleasant, quick to respond, and a real evangelist for your company's products and policies. Outstanding employee - she's a keeper." "Just a note to let you know I am very happy with the M8100 laptop so far. It seems to be working like a champ. It runs circles around the dual Celeron 466 Desktop I was using previously.

Dear M-TEC H I am very happy with the quality of the Laptop I bought with your company. A happy customer. I like your products' engineering and value, I have had exceptional experiences with M-TECH products.

I have an 8500 M-TECH laptop, GREAT! system, a bit bulky and heavy, but a real workhorse, and great for sound recording, and editing.
Nathan Cavanagh

I recently purchased a M-TECH model 22 laptop with 256mb of ram and a 1ghz processor. I have been really pleased with the speed of this machine. The video chip was an important factor I considered when buying this machine. I like being able to choose the amount of shared memory. And with the 20gig hard drive I have no problem with storage. This machine works well for watching DVDs. It has nice screen quality for a laptop. Plenty of input devices ports. The LAN and modem in one jack is nice. The time it takes for your laptop to be built is really fast. A custom built laptop from M-TECH is a quality machine.
Brad Lewis

M-TECH 8500v
Just a short note to say "THANK YOU" for a great laptop computer. I have had it for approx. 6 months now and it is problem free. What a value it was. Also, your help this afternoon on the phone in answering my questions as to the need to upgrade the RAM was above and beyond.
Thanks again. Barry Silberman (MTECH8500V)

M-TECH 8500v
I want to tell you that this notebook is behaving flawlessly. 

M-TECH 8500v
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction for memory. Since it's been about 13 months since getting my Series 8000, I thought I'd give you guys a progress report. First I would like say how well this machine has served. My company is a non-profit organization that really keeps an eye on expenses therefore, I needed a laptop that is reliable. This laptop is powered on/ off everyday without fail and leaves with me at night (that's a lot of plugging in if you think about it. I have asked for a docking station but we will see). I fly often and as you know, carry-ons can get pretty beat up on some of those flights, but you would never know it, still in perfect working order, even down to every pixel on the display. I do most programming off site which requires a strong battery (to power my 15" display) and keep me connected. Currently I have a dual boot Windows 2000/Linux (Slackware of course) OS. At times, I have even used this laptop as a web sever (Linux 2.2.17/Apache Web server) to power our intra-net when our main server is down. It's actually quite funny to see a laptop acting as a server while the tower is being repaired. While this is happening, nobody could tell the difference and the offices run without interruption and I personally think it runs better. Again, thanks for a fine product and look forward to many happy hours of programming.
Greg Duerr Information Systems World Relief

Thanks--your tech support is excellent. I downloaded the suggested file and everything's great.

I got my laptop today and I am totally amazed. It's the fastest thing that I have ever laid my hands on. I ordered it online on Monday and got it on Wednesday. Now THAT is service. Also, I priced the EXACT same laptop up from a different company and it would have cost OVER! (YEA OVER!) $1500 more!! + over a month to ship. I just want to express again how happy this has made me, and I plan on telling all my friends about your great service and exceptional values. Thanks Again.

Hi there, I bought a laptop from you in sep. Oct. time frame but don't remember who I spoke to. I just wanted say you have a great thing going there. I had the pc at my door in 3 days and its worked great for me, I haven't had another laptop even come close. I am in Saudi Arabia right now and everyone else is so impressed they want one too. I plan on setting them up when I get back. I just wanted to say great job and keep up the great customer service I received and excellent products.

M-TECH 6120
Dear Jerry, Several weeks ago I purchased a laptop (6120) from your web site and I wanted to express my satisfaction. I was very happy with the fact that you explained the advantages and disadvantages of each model honestly. This was a much greater help than the typical sales pitch I experienced with salespeople at other companies. After using the machine extensively for the past 2 weeks it is truly excellent. My other concern regarding technical support was answered immediately when I called the manufacturer. I phoned before they where open and left a message which was returned within 10 minutes with an informative answer. That's much better response time than the "big names" have ever given me.

Dear Gerry: I just want to drop you a note to say "thanks". Your professionalism, courtesy, generosity, and responsiveness were all exemplary. I spent long months making my decision - agonizing over the smallest details, picking your brain, comparison shopping all over God?s green earth, then forgetting the details or finding something else to fret over, and calling you again to start the process all over. You never complained (even the first few times I called by using the toll-free "order" number ) , answered all my questions, and always, but always, managed to laugh. You, sir, are a credit to your profession and a model salesman for any field! If only more sales folk - no, people in general - were like you. I mean that sincerely. I?ll tell you, tho - a man named Danny - comes darn close. Danny was wonderful, helping me to set up my laptop and providing me with instructions to download from the ftp site to aid in the process. Anyway, the computer is wonderful and I thank you enthusiastically for all your help. You are a fine, fine man!

Jerry, My new laptop arrived yesterday and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it and thank you for all your assistance in helping me make a decision on which system to purchase. This is my first notebook pc and I appreciate all the help. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I will recommend you to everyone I know! I look forward to dealing with you again in the future for all my computer needs..... I'm having so much fun with my new machine I can't tear myself away from it to get anything else done!
Thanks again. Diane R

Hey Jerry, WOOOOWW, what a fast laptop. Thanx Jerry for all the great info - I was most impressed when everything you said checked out. The comp manufacturer even recommended you guys. I showed a friend a game the other day and he freaked because the game play was so much better on my laptop than his desktop. This K6III really is a great chip. Can't wait 'till the video cards become available in 32Mb so I can swap out. This MTECH850AGP really was a great buy. (the local stores I went to are indicating that you can't get a 450 K6III w/ 100MHz bus on laptop yet - then I show'em mine heh heh). I certainly will check M-TECH before I buy another computer.
Scott P. Mobile, AL

M-TECH 795
Jerry (In reference to model MTECH795 AMD K6/400) I was just sending you this note to tell you that I have been so very happy with the laptop that I had purchased from you. I have had it for about 4 months now and have had no troubles at all and have been totally thrilled with it's performance. It's everything that I had ever wanted in a laptop and the screen is beautiful and bright and the sound is some of the best I've heard from a laptop. Thanks so very much for the great deal and I'd recommend You to all My friends.
Sincerely Doug Pulver

The laptop arrived. I am just getting into it, but it looks excellent. Thanks for your help, and God Bless!!
Cecil Burkett

M-TECH 6120
I would like to say that I am very pleased with the notebook and look forward to doing business with your company in the future. Thank you for all of your prompt attention. You guys are fantastic to work with! I will be purchasing the MTECH6120, please hold one for me if you think they may be disappearing. Thanks again for all of your fantastic support. Scott

M-TECH 6120
Jerry- Got my MTECH6120, as ordered, yesterday. This is an excellent notebook; far superior to what can be had at the retail outlets. I'm happy. You have an excellent service, and will come highly recommended by me and mine. Thanks
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