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KnowBrainer Professional 2017 is the 15th version of our a third-party command utility and the 1st application to introduce artificial intelligence-like command technology. KnowBrainer also adds thousands of commands and numerous capabilities to Dragon, simplifies the learning curve and substantially increases your efficiency.

The KnowBrainer
DISPLAY Numberscommand numbers every possible mouse click position so that you can left click, right click or double click on any position with a single command. By comparison, the Dragon’s MouseGrid command only works on 1 monitor and can require up to 5 additional commands. From a command point of view, KnowBrainer is notably superior to Dragon which utilizes an slower, older and more limited command technology. KnowBrainer also includes a dynamic sidebar which displays all KnowBrainer commands and doubles as an interactive Command Browser. You can find or open any KnowBrainer command by saying FIND COMMAND or EDIT COMMAND .  Example: Say Edit Command to open the KnowBrainer Paragraph command for editing.

KnowBrainer includes approximately 240 artificial intelligence commands such as Google For , Search Contacts for ,Spanish Translation for and Search for (searches your computer). You can go to almost any website by saying Go To . For example, you can globally say Go To and KnowBrainer will open a new tab in your favorite browser and go to the KnowBrainer Forum which is rated #1. If you say Go To , KnowBrainer will open the BBC website.

Direct Dragon dictation is only available in approximately 10% of applications. Non-Dragon friendly applications typically require opening the Dictation Box, dictating and then transferring your dictation to the target application. The KnowBrainer Say command enables direct dictation in any field or application that accepts typing. Example: Say Say to type "my dog has fleas” ANYWHERE!

KnowBrainer is packed chock full of powerful editing commands. For example, if you were to dictate "the brown fox jumped over the fence” and decided to to replace "brown fox” with "yellow dog”, in Dragon alone (without KnowBrainer) you would have to say select brown fox, dictate "yellow dog” and then say move to end of paragraph (3 commands). With KnowBrainer, all you would have to do is say Replace with to make the edit in under a second. There is also a Replace All command that will replace every occurrence of any word or phrase with another word or phrase. For example if you need to change 57 entries of the word "he” to "she” you would only have to say Replace All with to make all 57 changes in less than a second.

KnowBrainer includes our patented ability to verbally create VB, DVC & .Net commands which is 10 times faster than typing but we didn’t stop there. KnowBrainer 2016 introduces 3 groundbreaking automatic commands which create VB scripting and 

boilerplate text commands. You can now create Advanced-Scripting commands without scripting or programming knowledge. For example, if you want to create a command to click on a button or menu called, for example, Widget, simply hover the mouse over any button or menu and say something like New Mouse Command . KnowBrainer will record X & Y coordinates, create, name and save your VB command in 2 seconds. KnowBrainer includes a similar command based on the previously mentioned DISPLAY Numbers macro (detailed in ourKnowBrainer Manual). You can voice automate any application within a few minutes. To create a fast boilerplate text command highlight a paragraph and say New Text Command .

KnowBrainer 2017 PowerPoint Presentation for a short PowerPoint that includes additional details. If you want to see KnowBrainer in action, check out our growing KnowBrainer Videos list.