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Magazine reviews of M-Tech Laptops and Desktop PC's

virtually all of the features and performance you could ask of a desktop PC, but in a much more compact unit."

"the M-TECH 30W has the horsepower to be your main system, whether it is on your office desk or on your tray table at 35,000 feet."
"We like the M-TECH30W's performance-at its price, it's a real powerhouse."

"we could do nothing but stand in awe of the system." "Perhaps the best part of the system is its strong warranty." "The M-TECH 4200 gives you a lot for your money."

"The M-TECH 8100 - Best of all, the price is well below that of many less-capable laptops."

"The M-TECH30W strikes and excellent balance between performance, features, and economy." "It's quite a deal."

M-TECH20U - "we have nothing but praise for the two slice configuration of the MTECH20U." "If your looking for a big-screen portable with great multimedia, able to handle tough applications with aplomb, take a look at the M-TECH 2893."

"For the price, the Elite-BK offers a good value." "As a total experience, the M-TECH Elite-BK performed well and left us with a good impression." M-TECH Desktop PC Elite-BK

"Large-screen notebooks have always been popular. When we receive a laptop like the M-TECH 30W-15, it's easy to understand that popularity." "If you took most of what is desirable in a multimedia notebook, and listed it on an order form, you'd wind up with the M-TECH 30W-15."

"The MTECH38 presents a very nice overall package in an affordable laptop, all at seven pounds. It's certainly worth a look."

"The DVD player worked great, as is to be expected from a machine with as much CPU and video horsepower as this one has," M-TECH 928

" the Power4-BK is just as capable of running accounting or payroll as it is burning MP3s to CD-Rs." M-TECH DESKTOP PC Power4-BK

" The M-TECH 5600 is a real knockout" "The MTECH5600 doesn't have to get by on good looks alone. Aside from being a powerful laptop, it has some other features we liked a lot

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