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About M-Tech clients


Who buys M-Tech computers? No, this isn’t about the many Fortune 500 companies that use M-Tech laptops and desktops. This is about what type of customer buys our products. More specifically we are focusing on the mindset of the typical M-Tech client.

If you are a long-term M-Tech client your part of a special group. Special in that you see why a mass-produced computer built by the lowest bidder may not be the best computer for your specific needs. To be fair, most computer owners today don’t care to know the difference. Today many people can have all their needs managed with an App on their cell phone. That is a very valid reason not to worry about the longevity of your computer or its quality and the performance the extra quality brings to you. When just about anything will get the job done while resting in the palm of your hand, why worry about finding out what makes one brand so much better than all the rest. It's true and we don’t argue that point.

Now we come to those who wish there was a simple App for their work. These clients have such special and high-end needs that not only do they run actual real programs, on a computer; they also need that program to run extremely well. To this client, time is money. When you are an author writing the next American Novel, a court reporter recording a high profile court case,  legal transcriber working under a deadline to get a court transcript back on time or a medical transcriptionist rendering very precise and relevant medical notes, you can’t have your speech recognition software working slowly and hanging up. Not only is time wasted but it throws off your entire method of working to have such poor performance. 

If you’re an engineer using CAD or machine programmers using CAM or an architect using 3D rendering software, the difference between the best buy in a desktop and a top-notch high-end M-Tech computer could mean hours saved at the least and in many cases a day or more shaved from your projects timeframe. These clients, with their high end programs and limited time frames and intense pressures from above to get the work done right, the first time, cannot take chances that some computer built to lowest bidder to who knows what quality, on the other side of the world, is going to get the job done. No, these professionals realize that they need someone who specifically knows their needs and how best to exploit their software and understands why this specific computer needs to run extremely well.  These classes of working professionals become the heart and soul of the M-Tech client base. Plus, let’s not forget those who are just tired of spending good money for something that still ran slow and had to be replaced, again, just as soon. These people also make up the M-Tech client base.

What does this long-winded essay mean for you, the person wondering why they should consider M-Tech as their technology provider? Does somebody listen to your needs, taking the time to understand why you specifically need the best possible computer sound like your cup of tea? Would you find it interesting to know that each and every computer order is followed up with a technical adviser's notes to the person assigned to quality control, explaining to them just why this specific client came to M-Tech and how vital it is that their computer runs well? Even though the quality control specialist knows that each and every client comes to us for the same reasons, they get specific notes on your order. At times these notes can help them to make an extra effort to focus on some specific aspect of your computer to make triple sure it is the best of the best. If that sounds good to you, then you may be an M-Tech client. Come try us out and join the ranks of IBM, Ford Motors, Grumman, Lockheed and tens of thousands of individuals that are just as vital to M-Tech as any of our fortune 500 clients.