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Should laptops have touch screens?

Touch screens, Yes or NO. A good idea always, never or sometime?

We always encourage our customer base to give us their wish list of items they would like to see. It just makes sense, many items we employ now were at one time a 'pie in the sky' wish of our customer base. However, not every wish list item makes in into our product line and some of them make it in a limited fashion.
Touchscreens fall into the later category. We know that Microsoft has made this feature a key point in their updated Windows 8 operating system. For sure it is a needed item if you have a tablet style PC were the keyboard is absent or inconvenient.  Honestly we believe that Microsoft never really intended to have this feature for use on actual laptops, recall they are launching their own touch-pad and trying to fight the i Pad and Android tablet dominance. But, should it be a feature on a traditional full sized laptop? We think not, and here is why...
Our research shows that while this seems like a good idea in reality the normal manner in which a laptop is used would make the screen less than convenient. Touch screens are an excellent idea for tablets and Kiosk style computers were you lay the screen flat or have it at eye level and in both circumstances the tablet or Kiosk style computer has firm positioning either on a desk, your laptop or a wall. Laptops are not used at eye level, they are used at waist to chest level which means if you lay the screen flat enough to use the touch screen feature the screen will be bouncing and eventually lay down flat. You will be constantly folding it back to normal position. If you place the laptop at eye level then the screen may be more usable in the touch method but again, the screen will eventually start to lie down flat because of the constant bumping. It is a fact of life that if something is not convenient you will just not use it. Thus the extra cost to you for this feature will turn into a waste of your money.  This is borne out by asking this who do have the laptop format with a touch screen. They use it for a week then decide it isn’t realistic and go back to touch pad usage. Meanwhile the laptop would need to have a redesigned motherboard to accommodate the touch screen.

M-Tech does employ the touchscreen feature on our Net-books that convert into a tablet style computer and in out AIO357 which is our all in one computer that mounts to a wall or sets on a pedestal and is used my many doctors as a kiosk style data entry booth. So if you need the feature, and you need the power of a actual i7 CPU, take a look at the AIO357, we think it will please you to no end.